Thursday, March 11, 2010

TOYOTA’S KAMIKAZE CARS Runaway Prius driver: Brakes were ‘almost burned’ did faulty cruise control take over ?

TOYOTA’S KAMIKAZE CARS “Runaway Prius driver: Brakes were ‘almost burned“, the Japanese lied to us prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and they are lying to us now. These Toyota Kamikaze cars appear to have a problem with the cruise control taking over the operation of the vehicles, not some ‘floor mat” caught under the accelerator pedal, what a load that story is !
The only possible explaation for all of these different models of Toyota having this rapid and uncontrolable acceleration is a computer defect with the cruise control that when property engaged will speed up and decreae the speed (brake) as so set by the driver. As it is know and in the case of the “Runaway Prius driver” there was never any floor mat in the way, see below his quote;

EL CAJON, Calif. – Before he called 911, James Sikes says he reached down with his hand to loosen the “stuck” accelerator on his 2008 Toyota Prius, his other hand on the steering wheel. The pedal didn’t move.”My car can’t slow down,” he began when a California Highway Patrol dispatcher answered his call. Sikes, 61, rolled to a stop 23 harrowing minutes later, he and his blue Prius emerging unscathed but Toyota Motor Corp. suffering another big dent.

Toyota has watched its reputation for quality crumble with recalls tied to risks that cars can accelerate uncontrollably or can’t brake properly. Todd Neibert, the CHP officer who gave instructions to Sikes over a loudspeaker as they went east on mountainous Interstate 8 in San Diego County Monday afternoon, said he smelled burning brakes when he caught up with the Prius.
Part of the Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor included breaking off negotiations with the United States just 30 minutes before the attack began. Diplomats from the Japanese Embassy in Washington, including the Japanese Ambassador, Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura, and special representative Saburo Kurusu, had been conducting extended talks with the State Department regarding the U.S. reactions to the Japanese move into Việt Nam in the summer.

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