Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scores Arrested English Defence League Protest UK, WW II Vet Bertie Lois, 89, 'I fought the Second World War Against These Nazis, The EDL Are The Enemy Their Tactics Mimic The Fascist (Nazi) Street Marches Of The 1930s.

Scores arrested as English Defence League (EDL) and anti-fascists clash in violent street protests in Bolton, Lancashire, DAILY MAIL UK.

Police condemned the violence in Bolton, Lancashire, yesterday which erupted between supporters of controversial right-wing group The English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF).  The controversial Right-wing group The English Defence League (EDL Nazi skin heads) organised the rally. Thousands of people took part in a rally in Victoria Square, with at least two police officers and members of the public injured.
Second World War veteran Bertie Lois, 89, who lives in Farnworth, Bolton, protested with the UAF. He said: 'I fought the Second World War against these Nazis. What did I fight for if we let them? The EDL are the enemy. I would say to them 'you are the guys we fought for, what are you doing?' Police said there were 2,000 EDL (Nazi skin heads) protesters in the square, and around 1,500 from UAF. The EDL describes itself as a peaceful, non-political group campaigning against 'militant Islam'. But ugly scenes also marked one of their EDL protests in Manchester last year, with 44 arrests and 10 injuries.
30 EDL arrested in rival race protests Manchester, TELEGRAPH UK. James Carter, 23, from Chorlton, Manchester, said: "I'm down here to stop the EDL Nazis (see EDL Nazi salute in photo above). I think the turnout on this side (UAF) symbolises the perception of Manchester and how we feel about racism."
EDL violence Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, TIMES UK. Police will study CCTV footage today of violent scenes involving far-right protesters after clashes broke out at an anti-Islamic protest.  The violence flared after members of the English Defence League (EDL Nazi skin heads) descended on Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire for the latest in a series of demonstrations. Seventeen arrests were made at the rally on Saturday and six police officers were hurt. A YouTube video of the rally showed EDL supporters breaking into a police van and stealing riot shields.  Staffordshire Police said that those arrested were aged between 17 and 49 and linked to the EDL protest.
Policing the English Defence League, BBC News. The English Defence League (EDL Nazi skin heads) and their controversial protests against Islamic extremism have sparked civil disorder and led to city councils pleading with the Home Secretary to take action against them. A number of police forces have gathered in Birmingham to discuss the actions of the EDL and how best to deal with the politics of division which is being played out on our streets. 
The EDL (Nazi skin heads) has been involved in running battles with young Asian youths on Birmingham's streets.  The EDL is accused of links with far right groups and one government minister has compared their tactics to the fascist (Nazi) street marches of the 1930s.

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