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Police: Gang activity drove 10-day crime spree in Panama City Fl by Gangster Disciples, the G's, who shot up the Police Station.

March 21st 2010, PANAMA CITY — Death and drugs are two signs of gang life in Panama City, according to local investigators. Now, as four alleged gang members (G's) move through the court system, evidence in their cases, including statements they made to police, provide a glimpse into their alleged crimes. Over 10 days last summer, the four dealt drugs, shot at Panama City Police headquarters and ultimately killed a man in a shootout, investigators said.

Dear "NewsHerald" in Panama City when the "G's" gang bangers (two are ex-cons) were able to hit the Panama City Police Station with 5 rounds in a drive by, it is called airing out the "Cop Crib" not "shot at"  they meant to kill cops.  Did the Panama City cops take down these G's gang bangers hard?  Was SWAT called out (LIKE IN THE PHOTO ABOVE) and appropriate retaliation used in arresting these G's goons who shot up the Panama City Police Station, are you kidding me, what the hell is going on in Panama City Fl ?
8 arrested in 1971 SF cop killing tied to Black Panthers; By MARCUS WOHLSEN, Associated Press Writer Wednesday, January 24, 2007. The hunt for the killers of Sgt. John V. Young seemed plagued by stops and starts before authorities arrested eight men with ties to a militant black power group nearly 36 years after the slaying. On Aug. 29, 1971, two members of the group, armed with guns and dynamite, stormed a police station in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood and fired a shotgun through a hole in the lobby’s bulletproof glass, killing Young, 51, and wounding a civilian clerk carried out by the Black Liberation Army (BLA), a violent offshoot of the Black Panther Party.

Authorities said the killing was one in a series of attacks by BLA members on law enforcement officials on both coasts. Carried out between 1968 and 1973, the campaign also included the bombing of a police funeral at a San Francisco church and the slayings of the two New York police officers, as well as three armed bank robberies that helped fund their operations, police said.

Seven suspected former BLA members were charged with murder and conspiracy. They are Bell, 59, and Anthony Bottom, 55, both currently incarcerated in New York state; Ray Michael Boudreaux, 64, of Altadena; Richard Brown, 65, of San Francisco; Henry Watson Jones, 71, of Altadena; Francisco Torres, 58, of Queens, New York; and Harold Taylor, 58, of Panama City, Fla.

"A surge in violent crime across Florida is the direct result of increased gang activity that should be battled with more state dollars and tougher prosecution, according to an interim report from a statewide grand jury. Every state and major city in the United States is plagued with local, loosely structured, street gangs that are mainly motivated by drug sales. Historically, disruptive incidents in our prisons have been based on the geographic origins of the inmates involved (e.g., Miami gang inmates vs. Tampa gang inmates)".

The first felony in Panama City was June 10, 2009. It was a shooting.  Shaka Collins, a 20-year-old member of the Gs, a local gang that police say has national ties, was sitting at his Panama City home that day when he saw Kevon Patterson. By his own confession, Collins had a beef with Patterson.

“He had jumped on me when we was locked up,” Collins told Panama City police. “He kind of scared me.” But Larry Porter (ex-con member of the G's Florida prison), another member of the Gs — along with Collins, Mark Davis and Jeffery Murray (ex-con member of the G's Florida prison) — said the shooting wasn’t about a disagreement. It was about gang life, what happens when a rival gang member is in the wrong part of town.

Kevon’s a Blood” and was on G turf, Porter said. Patterson was shot in the leg but escaped with his life, officials said. Two days later, Collins was shooting again, Porter said, this time at the Panama City police headquarters on 15th Street. According to an investigative summary, five rounds struck the property. One hit the deputy chief’s car in the parking lot; one pierced the right lobby door at its base, shattering the glass out of the door and continuing into the lobby, striking the ceiling just above the secretary’s station; one sailed through the women’s restroom and into the chief’s secretary’s office; the last two struck above the lobby entrance.

Investigators determined Porter, Collins and Davis were in Davis’ car during the drive-by shooting (the G's).  One of Davis’ girlfriends — he had several as well as a wife, police said — was behind the wheel. However, each of the men point their fingers at one another as the actual shooter that day. The woman driving the car named Porter, 31, and Davis, 26, as the shooters.
The Gs; No one gave a reason for shooting the police station, but investigators and gang experts said the motive is clear: If you want to move up in a gang, the best way is to commit crimes, sell drugs and make money for the gang’s leaders.  “The more heinous things you do, the higher you move up in the organization,” said Sheriff’s Sgt. Myron Guilford, coordinator of the Bay County gang task force.

Guilford said the Gs pay dues to, and are part of, a national gang, the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples. The group is one of the two largest gangs in Bay County, he said. The other one is their rival, the Bloods, more from this source..........
See Florida Department of corrections information on Gangs of Florida, click here.
The high court impaneled the 18-member grand jury last June at the request of Gov. Charlie Crist to investigate a spike in gang activity in Florida, particularly the southern counties.  The grand jury found that gangs are using the Internet, particularly MySpace (see photo above for SUR 13) and other social networking sites, to recruit new members and are trying to infiltrate the military and law enforcement academies to get advanced weapons training. The report also points out that the gangs are branching out into white collar crimes such as identity theft and fraud.

These local groups form based on common interests and a sense of loyalty to individuals from their city, neighborhood, street, or housing complex. They adopt generic names such as Players, Posse, Sur 13, Crew, Mafia, Gang, the G's and Bad Boys and attach their particular street or avenue name to it.

Although they are loosely structured and tend to conduct their illegal activities in a specific location, they are extremely violent and develop bitter blood rivalries.  Often the group evolves, and adopts an alliance with a national street gang such as the Bloods, Crips, or Chicago-based Folk Nation and People Nation sets and use their symbols and identifiers. This graduation in gang involvement often occurs in county jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities.

This increases the importance of tracking the development of gang membership while inmates are in custody. Tracking enables Department of Corrections to notify local law enforcement of new members or of any changes in a member's affiliation.
The Florida Department of Corrections has identified hundreds of these local gangs in every city from Pensacola, Panama City, Bradenton (SUR 13) to the Florida Keys. This includes small rural towns, upper middle-class neighborhoods, schools, and other areas where we tend to deny gang existence.

Here is a short  list of gangs/security threat groups the Department of Corrections have encountered:
10th Street Thugs, Miami
112 Avenue Boys, Miami
18th Street Gang, Multiple Cities/Counties
205th Street Players, Miami
22 Ave. Players, Dade
23rd Street Boys, Ft. Pierce
25 Street Folk, St. Petersburg
35th Street Players, Miami
39th Ave North Boys, Clearwater
3-D Kings, Sunrise
4 Avenue Players, Leon
56 Ave Players, Miami
6 Street Mob, Broward
69 Folk, Pensacola
773 Boys, Quincy
8 Ball Posse, Sarasota
98 Posse, Ft. Pierce
Apopka Boys, Apopka
Asian Bloods, Multiple Cities/Counties
Asian Gangsters, Pinellas
Baby Demons, Miami
B-Boys, Pinellas City
Bad Boys, Hillsborough
Basin Street Rat Pack, Tallahassee
Bellaire Boys, Clearwater
Black Angels, Wimauma
Black Guerilla Family, Multiple Cities/Counties
Black Hawks, Hillsborough
Black United Soldiers, Tallahassee
Blackheart, Miami
Blue Arrows, West Palm Beach
Crypt Disciples, Pensacola
Danger Zone, Palatka
Davie Boys, Broward
Death Squad, Pompano Beach
Devil Boys, Tampa
Dixie Court Players, Okeechobee
Dixie Playboys, Ft. Lauderdale
Dog Pound Gangsters, Polataka
Dogg Pound, Miami
Du Rag Posse, Palm Beach
Eastside, Bradenton
Eastside Locos, Manatee
Eastside Posse, Orlando
Eau Gallie Posse, Eau Gallie
Ebony Kings, Jacksonville
El Rukn, Multiple Cities/Counties
Fort Pierce Boyz, Fort Pierce
Fountain Head Posse, Melbourne
Fourth World Mafia, Pompano Beach
G.O.D.S. MG, Multiple Cities/Counties
Gang Colors, Miami
Gang Of 14, Jacksonville
Gangster Disciples, Panama City, Multiple Counties
Gaylords, Coral Springs
Hollywood Criminals, Hollywood
Holton St. Boys, Leon
Imperial Gangsters, Multiple Cities/Counties
Jackson Height Posse, Tampa
Jacksonville City Boys, Jacksonville
Jamaican Posse, South Florida
Latin Disciples, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Eagles, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Folk, Miami
Latin Force, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Gangster Disciples, Multiple Cities/Counties
Latin Kings, Tampa, Bradenton, Multiple Counties
Latin Thug Posse, Palm Beach
Legion, Hollywood
Money Kings, Ft. Myers
Most Powerful Nation, Davie
MS 13, Multiple Cities/Counties
Nasty Boys, Titusville
Neta, Orlando
SUR 13, Bradenton, Sarasota

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