Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Muslim converts radicalized over the Internet, Colleen LaRose, Sharif Mobley and Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, shut down jihad websites.

The Jihadists Next Door; The arrests of three new homegrown terrorists, including two "Jihad Janes" and an al-Qaida suspect who infiltrated nuclear plants, confirm a rise in homegrown jihadist activity.  Terrorist recruiter Anwar Awlaki's photo above.

Sharif Mobley is one of the latest jihadists next door. Before he was rounded up in a sweep of suspected al-Qaida terrorists in Yemen, Mobley worked at five nuclear plants in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He shot two guards, killing one, before his capture.

Mobley grew up in New Jersey before converting to Islam. His militancy shocked an old high school friend, who ran into him after returning from an Army tour in Iraq. Mobley told him: "Get the hell away from me, you Muslim killer!"

Then there's Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, who was arrested in Philadelphia for allegedly plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist who'd "offended" Muslims. Jamie Paulin-Ramirez of Denver was also arrested in connection with the assassination plot.

All three suspects are U.S. citizens from different parts of the country. One is black, one white and one formerly married to a Hispanic immigrant. Two, shockingly, are women. While each suspect has a different background, all three are Muslim converts radicalized over the Internet — a dangerous trend.

American converts are al-Qaida's prime recruits right now, because they have a better chance of slipping through security checkpoints.

Many such as Mobley are flocking to Yemen, where another American turncoat, Anwar Awlaki, recruits Westerners via the Web. Awlaki allegedly recruited the crotch bomber from London, then trained him for his suicide mission in Yemen. He also advised the Fort Hood terrorist Major Nidal Hasan online.

Much is said about keeping Jihad websites online to gather intelligence, but the DOD and the FBI were aware of Major Nidal Hasan's online activity with terrorist Anwar Awlaki and kept collecting intelligence until 13 people were massacred at Fort Hood.

The Christmas bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, on the Detroit bound airliner was on the radar of the CIA and his online activity with Anwar Awlaki was known.  It was also known that Abdulmutallab was in contact with al-Muhajiroun radicals in London, but did any Federal agency intervene, no, if it were not for some brave passengers on Abdulmutallab's plane it could have been a disaster.

Terrorists blatenly use Facebook and Youtube to communicate, instruct and recruit.  Online Jihad websites like www.alqimmah.net english inspire and promote radical jihad around the world, shut them down.

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