Monday, March 15, 2010

Kate Evans-Taylor has worked at the Northeast Intelligence Network for one month and she sets the record straight on Cyber Vigilantes, what a tool.

Setting the record straight on cyber-vigilantes "Northeast Intelligence Network" claims they are the real deal on terror websites, nonsence LOL.  Unbelievable Claims made by Kate Evans-Taylor, a so called Analyst for Northeast Intelligence Network.

Kate Evans-Taylor joined the Northeast Intelligence Network in February 2010 (she has all of one month experience, what a joke) as a researcher, analyst and contributor. Ms. Taylor is a native of Yorkshire, England where she worked in data collection and analysis for the British government. She moved to the U.S. in 2004 and obtained citizenship status in 2009. She currently resides in Western New York with her husband and two boys.

Just what Federal Agency does this Northeast Intelligence Network provide "detailed information on terrorist websites", get real, no Federal agency gives a rats patuti about anything that the Northeast Intelligence Network claims they have found on Arabic jihad websites, who is the Arabic translater at the Northeast Intelligence Network?

See the load of nonsence from this rookie Kate Evans-Taylor, who has worked at Northeast Intelligence Network for all of 1 month, has to say on "cyber-vigilantes below." 9 March 2010: Just after settling in as the newest member of the Northeast Intelligence Network, I was ready to dig in to a list of assignments suggested to me by Doug Hagmann, the organization’s founder and director. I followed the organization while living and working in Great Britain and courted the idea of joining the Northeast Intelligence Network after arriving in the U.S. Last month, I completed several informal training sessions that gave me necessary insight into the inner workings of the organization, only to be taken aback by a Fox News report out of Chicago about “cyber vigilantes” fighting terrorists on the Internet.

That report featured the Northeast Intelligence Network as one of a group of “cyber-vigilantes” whose objectives include the act of going after and taking down terrorist web sites. Pardon my expression and regression to my native slang, but the depiction of the Northeast Intelligence Network as a cyber-vigilante is a bunch of bollocks.

One of the very first things I learned during my induction into the Northeast Intelligence Network is the importance of being covert and operating without interference (do you report to the FBI, ha/ha), especially in cyberspace. It is our operational policy to observe, follow and track terror threats, but never do anything to drive a source of raw intelligence further underground. After I read the article and watched the news video that aired with the Fox report, I immediately called Mr. Hagmann, who was featured in the segment for clarification. Had our policies suddenly changed?

And so began my first assignment (did you bring you lunch pail to school) – interviewing Mr. Hagmann to write about on a topic I hadn’t expected and clearing any misconceptions about our counter-terrorism efforts. I also learned that there are so-called “cyber vigilantes” and ‘cyber-crusaders” as described in this 2008 Fox report (Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner) who wear the title as a badge of honour (you bet I do).

Ours is a strictly passive activity (in other words they do nothing) and at no time do our investigators engage, bait or disrupt any activity taking place within the groups that have been infiltrated. It is not our business to solicit responses or encourage or engage in any dialogue, but to document activity, which is then vetted for content and submitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency (and just who would that be?),” stated Mr. Hagmann. What a joke LOL.

Dear Ms. Kate Evans-Taylor get some experience in the real world, al-Qaeda is winning the war of words on the Internet and has passed you and your private investigator pals at the Northeast Intelligence Network a long time ago.

Note..PENNSYLVANIA P.I. Requirements Info. Private Investigator Licenses are required and 'enforced in some counties".

No State licensing required in PA for private investigators, though a license is required from county to county.

An investigator in "Pennsylvania is required to be licensed". To become licensed as a Pennsylvania investigator read the Private Detective Act of 1953. Then, petition the Court of Common Pleas in the county you reside or have your business. There is no State Licensing in Pennsylvania for private investigators, just read the Private Detective act of 1953, LOL.

Jihad websites shut them down now says Florida State Certified private investigator Bill Warner who has worked with the Bureau of Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the US Secret Service on Support of Terrorism Cases, big boy stuff !

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