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CNN Belgian terror suspect says spouse met bin Laden in 2008, El Aroud's husband Abdessattar Dahmane assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud 2 days before 9/11, just like the Bush plot in Sarasota on 9/11

CNN) -- A Belgian woman on trial in Belgium for involvement in terrorism says her husband -- himself wanted on terror charges -- met al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the summer of 2008. Christophe Marchand, a defense attorney at the trial, told CNN that Malika el Aroud made the claim during testimony Thursday. Marchand said el Aroud was questioned about an e-mail exchange in summer 2008 she had with an alleged jihadist now in French custody.

In that exchange, el Aroud said that her husband, Moez Garsallaoui, had sent her an e-mail in which he said he met with "the chief" in a mountainous region. The judge at her trial asked whether she meant bin Laden -- to which el Aroud replied, "Yes." Marchand said el Aroud gave no other details about the reported meeting, and the e-mail was not produced in court.

Belgian intelligence sources said Garsallaoui, a Tunisian citizen, is believed to be at large somewhere in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region. Garsallaoui is alleged to have acted in tandem with his wife to recruit six individuals from Belgium and France to make the journey to al Qaeda's camps in Pakistan's Waziristan. Several of them are now on trial with Malika el Aroud. El Aroud's first husband was Abdessattar Dahmane, also a Tunisian citizen. Two days before the September 11, 2001, attacks, he assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud, the head of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, in a suicide bombing that bin Laden ordered.

(CNN) -- On September 9, 2001, the guerrilla leader of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance and enemy of the ruling Taliban was fatally attacked as he began what he believed was an interview with two TV journalists, Abdessattar Dahmane was one of them. Two days later, terrorists struck the United States on 9/11.

Masood Khalili, a confidante of the alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud, was there when the camera set up by the assassins conducting the deadly trick blew up. The camera exploded just after the first false question was asked. "It was like a thick curtain of fire rushing though the lens at us. Everything was coming through the lens," Khalili recalled

Pres. George Bush Was the Target Of An Al-Qaeda Assassination Attempt On September 11th 2001 in Sarasota Florida.  Malika El Arouud's first husband had a part in the execution of the beginning of the 9/11/01 attacks, in early 2001 she followed her husband Abdessater Dahmane to Afghanistan as he trained at an al-Qaeda camp, she was installed in a camp for foreign women in Jalalabad, her husband became ready for his mission and two days before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, carried out a suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed the anti-Taliban resistance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud at the behest of Osama bin Laden.

Ahmed Shah Massoud was the target of a suicide attack which occurred at Khwaja Bahauddin on September 9, 2001. The attackers were two Arab "reporters", Abdessater Dahmane and Bouraoui el-Ouaer both Tunisians who obtained the "fake" interview with Ahmed Shah Massoud and blew him up with a bomb hidden in their camera. Malika El Around's husband Abdessater Dahmane was killed, and she took to the Internet as the widow of a martyr (this woman is a terrorist).

The September 9, 2001 suicide bomb attack in which Dahmane and another man assassinated Ahmed Shah Massoud, the legendary leader of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in Afghanistan was a vital mission: Taliban support needed to be shored up in anticipation of al Qaeda's 9/11/01 attack on America.

Dahmane and a fellow Tunisian, Bouraoui el Ouaer, posing as television journalists arranged an interview with Massoud. A bomb that had been hidden in the camera exploded. Dahmane, a Tunisian al Qaeda recruit was, like his wife Malika El Around were/are devoted to Osama bin Laden. The same scenario with a "supposed" interview with President George Bush almost occured in Sarasota Fl at 6 a.m on the morning on September 11th 2001 at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on Longboat Key Fl.

Possible Longboat terrorist incident
The Longboat Observer
26 September 2001
by Shay Sullivan
originally at URL:

By now, most everyone knows President George W. Bush began that fateful day, Sept. 11, on Longboat Key, but the FBI is now investigating whether terrorists also began that fateful day here on the island.

At about 6 a.m. Sept. 11, Longboat Key Fire Marshall Carroll Mooneyhan was at the front desk of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort as Bush prepared for his morning jog. From that vantage point, Mooneyhan overheard a strange exchange between a Colony receptionist and security guard.

A van occupied by men of Middle Eastern descent had pulled up to the Colony stating they had a "poolside" interview with the president, Mooneyhan said. The self-proclaimed reporters then asked for a Secret Service agent by name. Guards from security relayed the request to the receptionist, who had not heard of either the agent or plans for an interview, Mooneyhan said.

The receptionist gave the phone over to a nearby Secret Service agent, who said the same thing: no one knew of an agent by that name or of any poolside interview. The agent told the occupants of the van to contact the president's public relations office in Washington, D. C., and turned them away from the premises, Mooneyhan said.

In light of the attacks, Mooneyhan wonders if what he witnessed is related to the events of Sept. 11. So does the FBI. "That's very strange," said an unnamed agent with the Sarasota field office of the FBI, who directed agents to look into the matter.
Earlier, the FBI questioned a Longboat Key man who also had a strange run-in with a van occupied by men of Middle Eastern descent. At 8:50 a.m. the man stood on the Sarasota bayfront waiting to watch the presidential motorcade pass. A dilapidated van passed him with two men of Middle Eastern descent screaming out the windows, "Down with Bush!' and raising their fists in the air." The Longboat Key resident later reported the incident to police, who turned the matter over to FBI agents who questioned him.

Zaine labdeen Ibrahim Omer called Sarasota police on Sept. 11 at 4:07 am, see police report, hours before Bush left town with concerns about 3 Sudaneese men in town led by "Ghandi" who had made violent threats.”  Several hours before the alleged assassination attempt took place of President Bush on 9/11/01, Zaine labdeen Ibrahim Omer delivered his warning. Its right there in black and white in the police report, which was taken at 4.07 AM on the morning of September 11.

The Sarasota police immediately called in Secret Service agents guarding the President, who was spending the night at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, on Longboat Key, just off Sarasota.Within hours Secret Service agents were searching an apartment in Sarasota, where they took a number of Sudanese men into custody (see Sarasota Police report 9/11/01) . They arrested three occupants from Sudan; they were questioned for the next ten hours, according to one, Fathel Rahman Omer.
The Secret Service also raided a beauty supply store in Sarasota, owned by one "Hakim," who identified the mysterious "Ghandi" as a member of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army, itself closely allied with the Taliban and Al Queda.

In a August 24th 2006 interview with CNN, Malika El Around she said "It's easy for me to describe the love my husband felt because I felt it myself," she said. "Most Muslims love Osama. It was he who helped the oppressed. It was he who stood up against the biggest enemy in the world, the United States. We love him for that." She remarried Moez Garsalloui, a Tunisianin in 2006 , and she and her new husband were convicted in Switzerland for operating pro-al-Qaeda Web sites.

Now, according to the Belgian authorities, she is a suspect in what they believe is a plot to carry out attacks in Belgium. (this woman is a terrorist) "Vietnam is nothing compared to what awaits you on our lands," she wrote to a supposed Western audience in March about wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Ask your mothers, your wives to order your coffins."

Her new "husband" Moez Garsalloui, was detained last December with 13 others in what the authorities suspected was a plot to free a convicted terrorist from prison and to launch an attack in Brussels. But Belgian law required that they be released within 24 hours, because no charges were brought and searches failed to turn up weapons, explosives or incriminating documents, Moez Garsalloui has now dropped out of sight, on another al-Qaeda venture.

It is possible that the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort ruse was an assassination attempt on Pres. George Bush modeled on the one used on anti-Taliban fighter and Northern Alliance military leader Ahmed Massoud two days earlier. The previous April, Massoud addressed the European Parliament and warned of the possibility of al-Qaeda attacking in the West.

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