Monday, March 15, 2010

Canada and UK Adds Al-Shabab To Terrorist List, Al-Shabab Recruiting Canadian Youths With Alabama Native Omar Hammami.

The Somali militant group Al-Shabab has been outlawed by Ottawa Canada following reports it has been radicalizing and recruiting Canadian youths.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said in an interview yesterday the federal Cabinet had added Al-Shabab to Canada`s list of banned terrorist organizations. He said the decision, which makes it a crime to knowingly participate in the activities of Al-Shabab, was partly a response to complaints from the large Canadian Somali community.
“Parents have been expressing concern that their youth are being radicalized by this organization,” the minister said. “It has been attempting to radicalize youth into the jihadist movement.” Often compared to the Taliban, Al-Shabab has aligned itself with al-Qaeda and has been fighting to impose its extremist version of Islamic law on Somalis, who are mostly moderate Sufi Muslims.

As part of its campaign, Al-Shabab has been “actively recruiting within the Somali-Canadian community,” Mr. Toews said. The group uses the Internet as well as direct contact to attract youths.  The FBI believes that almost two dozen Americans have joined Al-Shabab. Several are dead. Shirwa Ahmed, a 27-year-old Minneapolis college student, became the first known U.S. citizen to carry out a suicide bombing when he blew himself up in Somalia in 2008, killing 30 people.

One of the leading figures in Al-Shabab, Omar Hammimi, is an Alabama-born U.S. citizen who became radicalized and lived in Toronto before voyaging to Somalia to fight.  “Radicalization within the U.S. Somali community may be an indicator of similar processes at work in Canada,” RCMP Commissioner William Elliott said in a speech last October, more from this Somalia source.....

Britian's Alan Johnson bans Somali 'terrorist' group Al-Shabaab; The home secretary is to designate the Somalia-based group Al-Shabaab as a terrorist organisation and ban its operation in the UK. The Home Office says the group is committed to violence, deploys terror tactics and has been implicated in attacks on Somali citizens. Last month the group released a statement linking itself for the first time with Al-Qaeda. Home Secretary Alan Johnson said that the ban was "tough but necessary". He added that proscription was "not a course of action we take lightly".  The ban would mean that membership of Al-Shabaab in the UK becomes a criminal offence and it could not operate lawfully, for example by fund-raising.

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