Friday, March 19, 2010

4 more charged with investor fraud in Sarasota region, Clifford Frank Bagnall, Gerald Gonzalez, Fred William Howard and Charles Keith Byington

"Four men accused of bilking at least $1.3 million from Southwest Florida investors were arrested this week and brought to Sarasota to face a combined 88 counts related to securities fraud".

"Investigators allege that from September 2004 through August 2005, the men worked at BBG Investments and BBG Risk Management and sold 24-month promissory notes ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to 20 Florida residents. "BBG" is formed from the first letters of the last names of Bagnall, Byington and Gonzalez".

"The charges against Clifford Frank Bagnall, Gerald Gonzalez, Fred William Howard and Charles Keith Byington stem from their involvement in several overlapping companies -- BBG Investments, BBG Risk Management and First Liberty Group -- where they allegedly sold bogus investments and pocketed the cash".

"The investments were primarily marketed through First Liberty Group, an entity that had an office on Fruitville Road and was controlled by Byington. Bagnall worked there as the chief financial officer and Howard as a sales agent, according to an arrest warrant for the four men filed earlier this week with the 12th Judicial Circuit in Sarasota", more from this source..................

How many more rocks need to be turned over in Sarasota to reveal all the snakes who have bilked Sarasota residents out of their cash.  There is now a very long and growing list of con-men, i.e., Clifford Frank Bagnall, Gerald Gonzalez, Fred William Howard and Charles Keith Byington along with Daniel Prewett, Neil Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown.

Why Have So Many Scammers Some With Criminal Records Like Daniel Prewett and Neil Mohamed Husani Been Able to Steal Over $500 Million From Banks And The Residents of Sarasota FL ?

What is it, the high heat and humidity or the salt air from the Gulf of Mexico that makes normally sane individuals and banks in Sarasota turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars to men, some have criminal records, to make investments without checking them out ?

Just recently it was revealed by the Sarasota Herald Tribune that one of the individuals scammed by ex-con Danile Prewett was a Sarasota police officer Todd Perna , who did not bother to check Prewett's background. Perna knew adviser Daniel Prewett as the head of the local Jackson Hewitt tax franchises, a guy who did his taxes and offered investments on behalf of the nationally respected chain. But the chief called Perna to his office and had a different story: Federal agents had just arrested Prewett on money laundering charges, and the chief wanted to know why Perna's name was in his paperwork.

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