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Why Was FSU Hall Of Fame Football Player And Ex NY Giant Vic Prinzi The Coach For The Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison in 1961, The First Longest Yard.

FDLE reviewed and analyzed the following documentation to identify the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison deceased: School ledgers, student record books, the School’s publication of The Yellow Jacket, local and national newspapers, the Florida Department of State Library and Archives, and the Florida Department of Health Division of Vital Statistics.  Photographs were taken of the ledger entries and The Yellow Jacket newspaper articles due to their delicate condition and photocopies were made of all other documents. 


Yellow Jacket football player Edgar Elton, pictured above on June 24th, 1961, died just 16 days after the photo was taken during a during a very fast paced passing session practice, it appears he had asthma, see more info below. Why was the Dozier School For Boys State Prison football team practicing in full pads in the blistering Florida summer heat in June of 1961, which is strictly prohibited for all school teams in the State of Florida (no Summer practice for high school age).

Vic Prinzi Florida State University Football Quaterback 1954 to 1958, NY Giants 1958 to 1960, Coach Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison 1961, what ? During his playing days as a starting quarterback and defensive back, Vic Prinzi embodied the early days of Florida State football. Prinzi began his career as a freshman in 1954, grabbing national headlines for his three touchdown performance against VMI as a fifth-string quarterback. He was joined in the backfield that year by long-time friend Burt Reynolds.  As a senior co-captain of the 1958 team, Prinzi helped guide the Seminoles to a 7-4 record and a berth in the Bluegrass Bowl while leading the team in passing.  Vic Prinzi FSU Hall of Fame Class:1988 (Football)

Prinzi played briefly with the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos before joining the high school and college coaching ranks for 12 seasons. He later was the color analysts on FSU radio broadcasts.  Why was Vic Prinzi coaching the Coach Dozier School For Boys State Prison football team in 1961 ? 

Vic Prinzi (quarterback) and Burt Reynolds (running back) were football teammates at Florida State University and then long time friends. Vic Prinzi, quarterback, played pro football with the NY Ginats from 1958 to 1960 and then ends up as the football coach for the Dozier School For Boys Florida State Prison football team in 1961, (who are a travel team and play teams in Georgia and Alabama), were the games were heavily bet on by State Prison officals.
Burt Reynolds when onto movie stardom and in 1974 has the lead role in "the Longest Yard" as an ex-pro footbal quarterback sent to a Florida State Prison where he coach's the convicts to play the guards (who have a travel team and play for money).

Burt Reynolds kept numerous friends in Tampa over the years, among them photographer Simon Rose; auto dealer Ernie Haire; former football teammate and stockbroker Victor Prinzi; businesswoman Woodward; restaurateur Malio Iavarrone; real estate developer George Courtner; and WTVT sports director Andy Hardy.

Reynolds always reciprocated good deeds and did TV commercials for the Haire auto dealership after Ernie Haire lent him his helicopter for several emergencies. He named Dom DeLuise's character in 1981's big screen hit "The Cannonball Run" after his college buddy Victor Prinzi. Wanting to be near Pam Seales, a good friend and head cocktail waitress at Malio's Restaurant who had been introduced to him by Vic Prinzi, Reynolds insisted that Universal Pictures make "Cop and a Half" in Tampa and it was done. Ironically, Vic Prinzi had been best man at Reynolds wedding to Loni Anderson.

Jerry Arthur Cooper-A Whitehouse Boy and the star quarteback on the 1961 Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison football team has provided the details and goes onto to claim that one of the football players on the team, Edgar Elton, was murdered boy the one armed man "Troy Tidwell" at what is now the Dozier School for boys.  The Florida Department of Agriculture which ran the boys prison in 1961 has a lot of explaining to do.

"There is no doubt that many deaths (killings) occurred at the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna. Most will be denied by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as the Department of Juvenile Justice. It appears that even the deaths that can be substantiated will be covered up and considered as nothing more than a “normal passing.”

Below is an article which appeared in the Florida School for Boys Yellow Jacket Newspaper on July 10, 1961 as well as a picture of Edgar Elton, a sixteen year old boy, who was unnecessarily murdered during an illegal football practice in the school gymnasium ( see Edgar Elton in the football photo above taken in June 1961).

This is the truth how Edgar Elton died on July 10th 1961. The Yellow Jacket football team was in a practice session in the gym that day. It was not a physical fitness class as reported by the Yellow Jacket Newspaper which I just saw for the first time today Feb.18, 2010 which I received from Roger Kiser. The whole Yellow Jacket article is a complete and total Lie.

I was the second player in line behind Edgar during a very fast pace passing session. It was extremely fast and very exhausting, and it was very difficult for every team member to keep pace. Edgar went into an asthma attack and fell to his knees. Gasping for air, he told me he couldn’t breath and that he had a letter given to the school (by parents and his private doctor) that he was not suppose to be playing any form of sports.

I told him to go to Troy Tidwell and Mr. Hatton who were both present in the gym. As he climbed to his feet and stumbled toward them; he was met by Tidwell about half-court. Tidwell screamed “get your ass back in line.” When I broke line to tell them he was having a breathing attack; Hatton reached up to his side and placed his hand on his pistol, which he carried under the gray jacket he always wore. Tidwell turned toward me and then he began screaming calling me a “xxxxxxxx”. The next run Edgar made would be his last. He collapsed and died within a minute. He was not rushed to the hospital as stated in the article. Dr. Wexler showed up ten or fifteen minutes later and pronounced him dead. His lifeless body was lying on the floor. No other Doctor was involved, whatsoever.

Portions of Troy Tidwell deposition-The beater of thousands of young boys, click here for VIDEO.

The Dozier School for Boys State Prison had hired a professional football player/coach Vic Prinzi  who had been an all-star quarterback for the Florida State University, who went on to play quarterback position for Denver Bronco’s and the New York Giants.  Formally he had been injured and had his spleen removed. We had a coach who was a permanent employee on staff. Why was such an important coach necessary, like Vic Prinzi, to coach us? He never actually showed up at any of our games, only during practice sessions.

Football was very important to Mr. Dozier, school superintendent, as well as too many of the other staff. I really think that Vic Prinzi may have been privately compensated by Mr. Dozier and other staff members as he was not on the Florida state payroll.  Arthur Dozier and many other staff members were placing large financial bets on the outcome of the game(s). That was the advantage of us having a pro player coach and practicing illegally ( not within season regulations) while holding our training exercises hidden inside the gym and then later on hiding our practice sessions behind the baseball field, located behind the large school house.

Poor review for Marianna's Dozier School for Boys; Report notes various other problems at the school that serves Northeast Florida By Jim Schoettler Story updated at 11:24 PM on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009.

Breakdowns in security and inadequate medical treatment for students at a troubled high-risk reform school in Marianna are among the many criticisms leveled against the state-run facility in an annual assessment of the program.

The report, known as a quality assurance review, describes chaotic conditions at the Dozier School for Boys, including reports of gang fights, students being allowed by staff to punish other youths and a lack of medical attention for the ill. A majority of youth surveys reviewed for the assessment said students didn't feel safe because of threats from other youths and staff.

At least nine students were hospitalized in the past six months because of brawls at the school, the report said. The review, done in October, indicated that several staff members were caught sleeping or falsifying logs used to check on youths. Seven have either resigned, been fired or face termination, more from this source......

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.