Monday, February 01, 2010

Tampa Air marshals say system a complete failure another 9/11 could happen, Tampa Muslim on a Plane With Knife Reid Al-Saif

Tampa, Florida, 10 Connects TV -- When planes take off in America, it is the job of the Federal Air Marshals to make sure terrorist don't take over a flight and create a repeat of 9/11. While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it is working great, some in the know disagree.

One of more than 10 federal air marshals, or FAMs as they are called, that we have been talking to for the past several weeks says the system is a complete failure. He says Congress, the White House and the public have been sold a bill of goods.

These federal agents blame the managers in the agency, who they say have a pre 9/11 mentality and mind. They say they are the ones who allowed 9/11 to happen.

The FAMs are particularly critical of managers who are retirees of the Secret Service, who make up a significant amount of management in the agency. The former Secret Service agents have a loophole that allows them to collect their pension and a salary from the TSA. That is not normally allowed in the federal government.

According to the FAMs, the double dipping Secret Service agent managers know nothing about air safety. They point to the fact they did not go through the rigorous two and half month anti-terrorist training that federal air marshals undergo.

However, the air marshals say the managers often will work an international flight, bumping off a qualified agent, in order to get a free flight to a choice destination, more from this source..........


TAMPA TRIBUNE JUNE 16th 2009…Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif was arrested June 4 as he tried to board US Airways flight 1077 from Tampa to Phoenix and Portland, Ore., according to a criminal complaint. During the screening process, an officer spotted a large Santoku chef’s knife in one of Alsaif’s carry on bags, the complaint states. The knife was concealed between the outside fabric and the expandable pull handles of the bag. Raed AlSaif Saudi Arabia is on Facebook where he lists the University of Tampa ‘08.

Saudi Arabian Muslim Student Raed Al-Saif Univ. of Tampa Tries To Get On Plane With 7" Butcher Knife in Carry On Bag, name Al-Saif links to Al-Qaeda.

Saudi Arabian Muslim Student Raed Al-Saif at Univ. of Tampa Tries To Get On Plane With 7 inch Santoku Butcher Knife in His Carry On Bag, the last name "Al-Saif" is linked to Al-Qaeda.

Fifteen of the nineteen on 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia they used box cutters and small knives to take over control of the 4 airplanes on 9/11. The United States government determined that al-Qaeda, headed by Osama bin Laden, bore responsibility for the attacks, with the FBI stating "evidence linking al-Qaeda and bin Laden to the attacks of September 11 is clear and irrefutable".

Abu Omar Al-Saif , Saudi Arabia, was an informal name of a Saudi Wahhabist Islamist and militant operating first in Afghanistan (1986-1988) and later in the North Caucasus (1996-2005) as the mufti of Arab fighters in Chechnya, allegedly with close ties to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

The Story No-one’s Talking About: Another Arab Muslim “Student” Tries to Bring a Knife on a Plane; UPDATE: Another 9/11?

By Debbie Schlussel......A few years ago, the incident involving Raed Abdul-Rahman Alsaif would have been a big national news story. Perhaps, international.

But now, in the era of Obama “post-terrorism,” we’re supposed to pretend that these things–these attempts by Muslims to bring weapons on planes for the apparent purpose of hijacking and, at the very least, testing the system–don’t happen. Yup, in this new “enlightened” age, these things are only reported once on the pages of the Tampa Tribune. And not in any other mainstream media sources outside South Florida. Yes, a Muslim man trying to get a seven-inch butcher knife on a plane in America is no longer “noteworthy.”

According to private investigator Bill Warner (who has done a ton of digging into this guy), Alsaif is a Saudi Arabian national, here on a student visa–you know, one of those wonderful Saudi student visas that President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah doubled to 30,000, in the interest of “open exchange” and “understanding.” Bill reports that Alsaif has two previous instances on his criminal record:

Raed Abduhl-Rahman Al-Saif is a student at the University of Tampa and has been arrested at least twice before in the last 8 months on Felony drug charges in Hillsborough County.

And, of course, as many Muslims and Arabs do, the guy spelled his name differently in those instances, as “Raed Abdurahmans Alsaif” and “Raed Abdulrahman Alsaif.”

Hmmm . . . three arrests, and this guy is still here? Where is ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? Oh, yeah, they can’t do their jobs, or else Janet Napolitano a/k/a “The Lesbionic Woman” will investigate them for doing it.

And Bill notes that Alsaif is a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA–an extremist school linked to Al-Qaeda and that the Alsaif family is prominent in Al-Qaeda.  Let’s hear it for those Saudi Muslim student visas!

**** UPDATE: Bill Warner also points out that on the very same day (June 4, 2009) that Alsaif tried to sneak the butcher knife onto the U.S. Airways flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona, two other men, Roshid Milledge and Damien Young, were caught trying to do the same thing from Philadelphia–also on a U.S. Airwarys flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona. Both flights were scheduled to take off within 35 minutes of each other. Coincidence? Or mass hijacking plan a la 9/11?

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.