Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nik Wallenda Wows Sarasota With Death Defying High Wire Walk 200 Feet Above The Parking Lot of Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Nik Wallenda Wows Sarasota With Death  Defying High Wire Walk 200 Feet Above The Parking Lot of Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Sarasota, Florida -- The Wallenda family of high walkers has been thrilling audiences for generations and on Thursday, one of them performed for the first time in his home town of Sarasota.
Shortly after 9 a.m. Nik Wallenda walked on a high wire from two of Sarasota's tallest buildings.

"I'll be walking from One Watergate building to the Ritz Carlton," he told 10 Connects a day earlier.

Wallenda walked 600 feet -- from well over 200 feet in the air -- and all that stood between him and the ground was a galvanized cable, the width of a nickel.
And Wallenda had to make sure he was on the money, because he did not use any safety devices to protect him in the event of a mis-step.

It took about 10 minutes for Wallenda to complete his walk. With a flair for the theatric, Wallenda stopped about halfway across and then proceeded to lie down on the wire!

But not once during the walk did Wallenda stumble, and he received loud cheers from the crowd below as he finished his walk, more from this source..........

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