Sunday, January 03, 2010

Muslim Cleric Abdullah El-Faisal Deported From UK Arrested In Kenya by Anti-Terrorism Police, Abdullah El-Faisal Says it’s Muslims Duty to Kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners, El-Faisal links to Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY.

Muslim Cleric Abdullah El-Faisal Deported From UK Arrested In Kenya by Anti-Terrorism Police, Abdullah El-Faisal Says it’s Muslims Duty to Kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners, El-Faisal links to Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY.

(AP) NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 2nd ,2009….A human rights official says a Jamaica-born Islamic cleric once deported from the UK has been arrested by Kenyan anti-terror police. Abdullah el-Faisal was arrested Friday in Mombasa after he left a mosque, says Al-Amin Kimathi, executive coordinator of the Muslim Human Rights Forum.

Police told el-Faisal he had violated the terms of his tourist visa by preaching in mosques. The cleric was sentenced to nine years in British jail in 2003 after being convicted of incitement to murder and stirring racial hatred by urging followers to kill Hindus, Jews and Americans. El-Faisal had his sentence cut to seven years on appeal, and became eligible for parole after serving half his term. He was deported immediately from Britain upon his release in 2007.

In a recorded speech Abdullah El-Faisal told youngsters: “People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy … Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise….How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew, in the case of Hindus, by bombing their businesses”. In another lecture he said “Jews should be killed… as by Hitler”.
In mid 2007 Abdullah El-Faisal formed with Yousef al-Khattab in New York, the ephemeral Revolution Muslim Group – RM.
Yousef al-Khattab on the left with beard, his son is to the right, he looks almost normal in this family photo.
Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY takes his marching orders from convicted terrorist Abdullah El-Faisal in Jamaica. Yousef al-Khattab has 3 whole web pages devoted to the convicted terrorist Abdullah El-Faisal aka Sheikh Faisal see link
Yousef al-Khattab also solicits donations for the convicted terrorist Abdullah El-Faisal aka Sheikh Faisal asking the money be sent to Yousef al-Khattab.“This is a short Dars from Faisal as he continues on his tour of Africa and continues to preach to people all over the continent. We ask that all that are able consider making a donation to support his dawa which he performs relying solely on Allah (SWT) and the kindness of his brothers and sisters. Please e-mail  
Yousef Al-Khattab bio of hate and terror threats…..Yousef al-Khattab, his photo above, in Queens NY and the author of the website needs to be shut down and jailed...Woodside Queens Islamist Yousef al-Khattab says he’s left the country, see directions to his house, run away but there is nowhere to hide Yousef.
Yousef al-Khattab is seen in photo above he is third from the left with the goofy hat.
Abdullah El-Faisal was convicted in 2003 of soliciting murder and causing racial hatred. Police at the time did not know how many young, impressionable Muslim men he might have turned towards terrorism. But the Government’s official account of the July 7 suicide bombs identified El-Faisal as a mentor of Jermaine Lindsay, who detonated a bomb on a Tube train near King’s Cross, killing 25 passengers.

Lindsay, also from Jamaica and also a convert to Islam, attended at least one lecture by El-Faisal and listened to tapes of his sermons. During the preacher’s trial, he was heard telling audiences to kill Hindus, Jews and other non-Muslims like “cockroaches”. John Reid, the Home Secretary, said: “We are committed to protecting the public and have made it clear that foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality and break our laws can expect to be deported after they have served a prison sentence. “We will not tolerate those who seek to spread hate and fear in our communities.”

El-Faisal, 43, was sentenced to seven years after becoming the first person for a century to be prosecuted under the 1860 Public Order Act. He was released just beyond the half-way point of his sentence with the agreement of the Parole Board. El-Faisal arrived in the UK in 1992 and married a British biology graduate, establishing himself as a lay preacher at Brixton Mosque, often preaching to crowds of up to 500 people.

His preaching came to the attentions of police when tapes of his sermons were found in the car of a suspected rapist in Dorset in late 2001. During subsequent searches of specialist Islamic bookshops and El-Faisal’s rented house in Stratford, East London, police found other recordings in which he exhorted young Muslims to accept the deaths of women and children as “collateral damage” and to “learn to fly planes, drive tanks… load your guns and to use missiles”.

He told young British Muslims it was their duty to kill non-believers, Jews, Hindus and Westerners, urging them to adopt a “jihad mentality”. He also promised schoolboys that they would be rewarded with “72 virgins in paradise” if they died in a holy war. The jury watched a video of El-Faisal after the Sept 11 attacks telling up to 150 young Muslims that the Koran justified attacking “kaffirs”, or unbelievers.