Friday, January 15, 2010

Cyber Vigilantes PI Bill Warner and Judge Shannen Rossmiller featured in “VISAO” Portuguese News Magazine

Crime ..........The militia cybernautic

Stories of “citizen police” plunging into the net on the hunt for criminals, pedophiles to con artists. The vigilantes jumped the street to computers.

Ricardo Fonseca
10:20.AM Friday, January 15, 2010


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In Portugal, the action of cibervigilantes is still timid when compared with what is happening in the U.S., where the phenomenon has reached unmanageable proportions.

Bill Warner, an American private detective, who lives in Florida, he became famous, not because it is effective to discover their unfaithful husbands, but that it identified ten sites of organizations bombers.

Warner told the VISION that spends about 20 hours to investigate Web pages, work that requires the use of machine translation Arabic and Persian. “

Only after several months of research, that I began to understand how these organizations work,” describes. “I found Al Qaeda sites hosted on servers in Columbia [South Carolina], New York, Phoenix, Boston and Charlotte,” said the detective.

One of the sites, according to television network Fox News, contain text, images and videos related to plans to attack U.S. troops in Iraq. “Currently, this is how Al Qaeda is the recruitment of militants,” says Warner. “Candidates do not need to go to a training camp in Afghanistan, to learn to make a bomb. It’s all explained in the sites.” The work of private detective has deserved the highest praise and the harshest criticism.

Michael Radu, the American Institute of Policy Research International, said publicly that the government already spends too much time trying to find thousands of websites that contain messages terrorists.”It is unlikely that the cibervigilantes find something that discontent. Probably will only hinder the authorities,” he said on Fox News.
Already Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Felter, American Military Academy and an expert on terrorism, believes that “the greater the number of people to combat the terrorist threat, the better.”


The attack on the twin towers of New York on 11 September 2001, has boosted the number of cibervigilantes terrorism.

Shortly after the attacks, Judge Shannen Rossmiller, 41, decided to learn Arabic and change the routine of their mornings. His three children never suspected that, in the virtual world, the mother controlled 30 characters, all of them Muslim and anti-American radicals.

This is how we Rossmiller has become the most respected and feared cibervigilante is asked frequently to participate in seminars sponsored by the FBI.

In July 2007, the home of Rossmiller investigations led to the arrest of Michael Reynolds, an American who tried to obtain funds from Al Qaeda to blow up a pipeline network.

Reason: did not agree with the war in Iraq. During an online chat, Reynolds, revealed his plan to Hani, one of the characters created by Rossmiller. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Another made the judge of Montana was the arrest of Ryan G. Anderson, a member of the National Guard American.

In 2005, the cibervigilante was done through funding mandated by bin Laden, promising to Anderson large sums of money in exchange for intelligence on American tanks. The military finally accepted the deal and, months later, was sentenced to life imprisonment. Despite having been repeatedly threatened with death, Rossmiller testified at trial. Due to the pressure that had been launched, the judge had health problems. It is estimated that this woman has provided information to 214 investigations into terrorism.

The FBI, that does not officially admit their collaboration, while recognizing that Rossmiller was the only citizen to develop private investigations imposing the arrest of terrorists.