Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another sick call to ‘KILL JEWS’ in Brooklyn NY, slips had been cut from a document from a taxi driving school, Yousef al-Khattab and Al-Muhajiroun members are at it, again.

Another sick call to ‘KILL JEWS’;  In a stunning display of intolerance, Sixth Avenue in Park Slope was littered with strips of papers reading “KILL JEWS” in capital letters from Fourth to Ninth streets on Wednesday.  Nearly two dozen of the strips were picked up by Karen Guilbert, who had just finished walking her daughter to school.

“It’s so ignorant and hateful,” said Guilbert, who picked up a handful of the same slips back in October. “There are hundreds of kids that walk up and down this street.” Before she turned the slips over to the police, Guilbert played amateur detective by turning the strips over and piecing them together. All that emerged was that the slips had been cut from a document from a taxi driving school. Yet there were no addresses or phone numbers on the strips that offered any further clues.

“Someone is trying to be a taxi driver,” Guilbert nervously joked. “I sure hope I don’t end up in his car.”  An officer from the 78th Precinct turned the notes over to the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit, but the department offered no comment. To top it off, vandals struck two synagogues in Brooklyn Heights in 2007 and left the same message on car windshields, more from this source..........

"P.S. NYPD it was me (Yousef al-Khattab) that made the Chabad Islamic propagation post and appeal. Do have your search warrants in order"  click this link for new video from Yousef al-Khataab, there are gun shots at the end when you are viewing the NYPD Police Van, 2 gun shots very loud, very distinctive. Two NYPD Detectives came to Yousef al-Khataab's house to question him recently, Yousef al-Khataab is threatening the NYPD.

The anti-semitic website , is run by Yousef Al-Khattab, a New York cab driver. Private investigator Bill Warner told the Brrooklyn Ink that he has tried several times to shut down al-Khattab's website.
Al-Khattab, 40, was formerly a Jew named Joseph Cohen, who grew up and lived amongst the Hassidic communities in Williamsburg. He converted to Islam in 2004 (Muslim convert in 1998 as per a Jerusalem Post Nov. 2005 article). According to Warner and other critics, he has used his site to incite violence against Jewish people and has been known to be openly anti-semitic.

Al-Khattab was the subject of an extensive profile by the Ink in March 2009, "Crossing the line? Free Speech or Terror" ....Yousef al-Khattab. Bill Warner, a Private investigator and cyber vigilante, who says he has helped shut down several jihadist websites across America by reporting them to their Internet service providers and the authorities, says people like Khattab incite others to commit violent acts, rather than doing them on their own. “Whatever problems there are in the Middle East, he brings them to Queens and Brooklyn, New York,” Bill Warner says. “He tries to get people to do things.”

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.