Friday, December 11, 2009

Woodside Queens Islamist Yousef al-Khattab says he’s left the country, see directions to his house, run away but there is nowhere to hide Yousef.

Woodside convert to Islam who openly sympathizes with al-Qaeda and the Taliban says he has left the country. The move comes in advance of a protest planned outside his home 10 days from now, though he said he plans to return and did not link his departure to the upcoming rally.

Yousef al-Khattab, who operates a website called Revolution Islam and has praised the violent acts of radical Muslims including U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who allegedly killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 38 more at Fort Hood in Texas last month, said on Tuesday that he is outside of the United States now, though he did not specify where.

Al-Khattab said he does not plan to be at his home at 54-11 Woodside Ave. on Dec. 20, (click here for directions), when a protest organized by the New York City-based Jewish Defense Organization is scheduled to be held at 1 p.m. He spoke about the protesters, his beliefs, the future of the United States and other issues in an audio clip posted online in response to questions emailed to him by the Queens Chronicle. The recording is available at  .

54-11 Woodside AveQueens, NY 11377

Get directions

In it he alleges that Jews have no right to live in Palestine, where they established the state of Israel in 1948, and says that he supports the establishment of an Islamic state in all Islamic lands, such as Somalia and Afghanistan. Asked if he wants the U.S. government to be replaced by Islamic rule, he says that he is not actively seeking that, but believes that it will inevitably happen, even if it takes hundreds of years.
Al-Khattab has ignited the ire of many with writings like one posted after the Fort Hood shootings. “An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a pre-emptive attack. Get well soon Major Nidal. We love you,” he wrote, adding, “Rest assured the slain terrorists at Ft. Hood are in the eternal hellfire.”

He also has written that he wants liquid drain cleaner to be thrown in the faces of Jews, and for the outdoor huts some build during the holiday of Sukkot to be burned as they sleep in the them. He referred to that message as a prayer, not a threat. Federal officials say al-Khattab’s postings are allowed under the First Amendment because they do not cross the line into actual threats, according to numerous published reports, more from this source.............

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BREAKING, Cabbie’s Anti-semitic Website Shut Down By Private Investigator Bill Warner

Cabbie’s Anti-semitic Website Shut Down

Posted on 15 October 2009 By Nikhil Kumar K.S.

The anti-semitic website , that was run by Yousef Al-Khattab, a New York cab driver, has been shut down. Private investigator Bill Warner told the Ink today that he succeed in convincing the service that hosted the controversial website to discontinue its services for Al-Khattab. Neither the hosting service nor Al-Khattab were available for comment.

Al-Khattab, 40, was formerly a Jew named Joseph Cohen (aka Cahill), who grew up and lived amongst the Hassidic communities in Williamsburg. He converted to Islam in 2004 (Muslim convert in 1998 as per a Jerusalem Post Nov. 2005 article). According to Warner and other critics, he has used his site to incite violence against Jewish people and has been known to be openly anti-semitic.

"Crossing the line? Free Speech or Terror" ....Yousef al-Khattab, private investigator Bill Warner says shut him down.
Al-Khattab was the subject of an extensive profile by the Ink in March 2009, "Crossing the line? Free Speech or Terror" ....Yousef al-Khattab. Bill Warner, a Private investigator and cyber vigilante, who says he has helped shut down several jihadist websites across America by reporting them to their Internet service providers and the authorities, says people like Khattab incite others to commit violent acts, rather than doing them on their own. “Whatever problems there are in the Middle East, he brings them to Queens, New York,” he says. “He tries to get people to do things.”