Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Pakistan is enough We don’t need nuclear-armed terrorist-run Palestinian state next to Israel, while Chicago based Ali Abunimah calls for Palestinian-majority state and condones suicide bombings against Israel.

Moshe Dann Published: 12.22.09, 18:59 / Israel Opinion.

Chaos in Pakistan has the world sweating; they have The Bomb – actually, lots of them, and they've already distributed the technology and parts to other countries, like Iran, North Korea and Libya, which send them on.
Think of this probability: Under a sovereign state of Palestine, the "West Bank" (and Gaza) resembles Swat Valley. Run by various terrorist and tribal leaders, composed of warring factions, they acquire SAM missiles and small tactical nuclear weapons.

If the threat of nuclear proliferation from Pakistan is worrying, allowing Arab Palestinian terrorists access to such WMDs – as part of a sovereign state – invites disaster for the entire region.
Both Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority are engaged in civil wars between Muslim secularists and religious extremists, in which the latter seem to be winning.

Pakistan is fighting for some form of democracy and has institutional support, but the Taliban are becoming stronger; Palestinians are smothered by totalitarian, terrorist-controlled corrupt regimes and Hamas is predicted to take over, sooner or later.

Similar battles being waged in many Muslim countries should trigger alarm: WMDs in the hands of Jihadist terrorists could wipe Israel out and trigger a nuclear world war.

Rather than advance the cause of peace, a sovereign second Arab Palestinian state is just the reverse. The closer Arab Palestinians get to statehood, the more chaotic and violent they become; such a state, therefore, may in fact be 'the greatest obstacle to peace and stability in the Middle East.'

Without an institutional structure and cultural environment that condemns terrorism, violence and incitement a Palestinian state will become the new Pakistan, and just as dangerous.

The average Palestinian knows this better than anyone else. That may explain why, given the choice and chance, hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians and refugees escaping Muslim African countries are clamoring to get into Israel

One Pakistan is enough; the world hardly needs another in Palestine, more from this source.......................

Ali Abunimah calls for Palestinian-majority state where "the much condemned use of violence by Hamas and Hizballah — particularly suicide bombings — had more in common with other nationalist movements facing foreign occupation" (Ali Abunimah condones suicide bombings against Israel )

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian American journalist based in Chicago and co-founder of the virulently anti-Israel website Electronic Intifada. An ardent supporter of the one-state solution, Abunimah is author of the book “One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. While Abunimah attempts to portray his binationalist vision in universalist and egalitarian terms, the one-state solution is an unworkable solution that is mere subterfuge for the destruction of the state of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian-majority state.

Anti-Arab racism and incitement are persistent and growing problems in Israel and symptoms of hyper nationalism that seeks to consolidate and justify the state’s “Jewish character.” For decades, the mistreatment of Palestinians in Israel has been virtually ignored by Palestinian national leaders, as well as by international policymakers and organizations under the doctrine of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.” Anti-Arab racism and incitement in Israel March 30, 2008.

“The much condemned use of violence by Hamas and Hizballah — particularly suicide bombings — had more in common with other nationalist movements facing foreign occupation, than deriving from any “Islamist” ideology, as University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape demonstrated in his book Dying to Win. Hizballah has focused its military strategy on countering Israeli military might, retaliating against Israeli civilian areas only in response to Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians, (not true).


At approximately 9 a.m. on October 29, 2007, a cell of terrorists launched a barrage consisting of three mortar shells at Israeli territory. The shells were fired from an elementary school for boys in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of Hamas-controlled Gaza. The use of an elementary school as a shield for this terrorist activity stands in clear violation of international humanitarian law. Click here to watch the video.