Thursday, December 24, 2009

Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Killed In Yemen Drone Attack Along With 30 Other Al-Qaeda Dirtbags As They Worked On Suicide Vests.

Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Killed In Yemen Drone Attack Along With 30 Other Al-Qaeda Dirtbags As They Worked On Suicide Vests.

UPDATE...12/26/09, LA TIMES REPORTS, Radical cleric is said to be alive after Yemen airstrikes.  Sana, Yemen - A U.S.-born radical cleric is alive after reports he may have been killed in a Yemeni airstrike against a suspected Al Qaeda hide-out, friends and relatives said Friday.  HOPEFULLY THIS DIRTBAG IS DEAD !

BBC News...At least 30 suspected al-Qaeda militants have been killed by an air strike in a remote mountainous area of Yemen, security officials say. An unnamed official told reporters the strike took place as dozens of militants gathered in Shabwa province, east of the capital, Sanaa. Officials said the militants had allegedly been planning multiple suicide attacks, with eight of them preparing explosive vests at the time of the raids.

AFP news agency quoted the security official as saying Saudis and Iranians had been at the meeting. "We are still unsure if two of the top leaders have been killed or not," Reuters news agency quoted him as saying. "One of them is the Saudi al-Qaeda member Nasser al-Weheshi." more from this source..........

The radical Muslim imam linked to the rampage at Fort Hood is believed to have been killed in a Yemen airstrike that may have also taken out the region's top Al Qaeda leader and 30 other militants, a security official told Reuters on Thursday.

The raid in Yemen's east targeted an Al Qaeda leadership meeting held to organize terror attacks. It is believed to have killed Anwar al-Awlaki and at least two senior members in the organization, including the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

"Awlaki is suspected to be dead [in the air raid]," Reuters quoted an unnamed Yemeni official as saying.  The head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasser al-Wahishi and his deputy, Saeed al-Saudi Shahrani, were present at the meeting and are believed to have died, but their deaths could not immediately be confirmed.
"The raid was carried out as dozens of members of Al Qaeda were meeting in Wadi Rafadh," a source told AFP, referring to a rugged location about 400 miles east of the capital.
"Members of the group's leadership, including Saad al-Fathani and Mohammad Ahmed Saleh al-Omir, were among those killed," he was quoted as saying. more from this source......................
Whose laughing now dirtbag ?
"Anwar al-Awlaki is suspected to be dead," the official said of the cleric who was on the run in Yemen, where he was on the government's most-wanted list of terrorist suspects.

According to U.S. officials, the U.S. army psychiatrist who ran amok at the Fort Hood army base in Texas on November 5 had contacts with Awlaki.

The Yemeni official said one leading figure in AQAP, Mohammed Saleh Omair, was confirmed dead in Thursday's raid.

The United States cooperates closely with Yemen in combating al Qaeda militancy. Pentagon officials were not immediately available to comment on any U.S. involvement in the raid (Oh, do you really think Yemen could have pulled this off, LOL).

The Yemeni official mentioned only one air strike, which a government website said had taken place at 5 a.m., but Al Arabiya television reported four raids.

Resurgent al Qaeda attacks have stirred fears that worsening instability in Yemen, an impoverished country struggling with multiple security threats, might enable militants to launch renewed attacks in neighboring oil superpower Saudi Arabia.

Al Qaeda's wing in Yemen, where Osama bin Laden's father was born, announced in January it had changed its name to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- in an apparent attempt to revive the group in Saudi Arabia, where a tough counter-terrorism drive had halted the group's three-year armed campaign in 2006. more from this source..........