Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ma'ariv Israel's Leading Daily Newspaper; five people were killed in the explosion of three car bombs in the center of Baghdad.

One of Israel's Leading Daily Newspapers
(translated from the original Hebrew)

Wire services 15/12/2009 10:50 am
At least five people were killed this morning (Tuesday) with the explosion of three car bombs in the center of Baghdad, just a week after a similar terrorist attack that left more than 120 dead and caused criticism of the security level of the Iraqi security forces.

Morning explosions occurred within minutes of each other. Two cars exploded near the offices of foreign immigration, the third attack occurred near the Iranian Embassy. All buildings are near the green zone, the secure compound where are Parliament, the Prime Minister's U.S. Embassy.

Large rescue forces rushed to scenes of attacks, with clouds of smoke appeared over the area. Officials reported that at least five people were killed and at least 16 more were wounded in an attack combo, occurred when residents of the Iraqi capital a day's work began a new study.

"Just left my house to go to school when a big explosion occurred," said Muhammad Hussein, aged 12. "My father yelled at me to go home. There is no need to go to school today."

Still not clear who is responsible for attacks this morning, but in recent months groups identified themselves with al - Qaeda claimed responsibility for similar attacks took place against government institutions in the center of Baghdad. Iraqi authorities also blamed loyalists of former dictator Saddam Hussein responsible for the attacks...............Al-Qaeda and Baathists work together in car bomb campaign, more from this source...............