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Maariv Israeli newspaper quotes private investigator Bill Warner on Muslim Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani the Saudi National who murdered Binghamton University Prof Richard Antoun.

Maariv Israeli newspaper quotes private investigator Bill Warner on Muslim Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani the Saudi National who murdered Binghamton University Prof Richard Antoun.

Ma'ariv, One of Israel's Leading Daily Newspapers
(translated from the original Hebrew)

Israeli newspaper report on Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani, עבדול סלאם אל Zahrani .
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Tzach Yoked

Ma’ariv Correspondent in the US, Northern New Jersey.

This is private investigator Bill Warner's second International Invesitgative report on crime and terrorism. In 2005, Bill Warner took BBC journalist Richard Watson News to the Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Avenue, Woodside, Queens NY, Which had been taken over by Radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir in the mid 1990s.

SEE BBC News video with all the current updates click here, and see Orignal BBC News video report with PI Bill Warner click here.

Muslim Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani, a Saudi National, Stabs to Death Binghamton University religion professor Richard Antoun and Admits it when the police show up, he now has a high priced new York City attorney paid for by the Saudi government.

Arab News reports that "(Binghamton) University says AbdulSalam S. Al-Zahrani had Extremist Tendencies ". JEDDAH: The older brother of a Saudi accused of killing his professor in the U.S. has denied his sibling is an Extremist."My brother was Keen to learn about human sciences, his ultimate goal was education."He did not get married " but devoted his time to education, "said Abdul Rahman Al-Zahrani.

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani  (his email address) the murder Suspect at Binghamton University is a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia he is of the Wahhabism strict interpretation of Islam. Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani was to be graded in his PhD dissertation by Prof.. religion. Richard T. Antoun at Binghamton University.

Wahhabism is now the state religion of Saudi Arabia. In his book on Islam in Saudi Arabia, Stephen Schwartz suggests that where Wahhabism is the official creed, there must be a terrorist state. Hillel Fradkin, an Islamic Scholar who heads the Neoconservative Center for Ethics and Public Policy in Washington, "Increasingly it's hard to Distinguish Wahhabism from Radicalized Islam.

Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani Plunged a 6-inch kitchen blade into 77-year-old religion Prof. Emeritus Richard T. Antoun four times, Puncturing his lung. He was pronounced dead at Wilson Hospital in Johnson City. The SuspectAbdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani was still in BU's Science 1 building when police arrived, Tackled and Frisked him. When cops asked about Antoun, the witnesses said Al-Zahrani replied, "Yeah, I just Stabbed him" Al-Zahrani dissertation on Islamic religious history was to be Judged by religion Prof. Antoun, authorities said. Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani, 46, a Saudi national in the USA at Binghamton University without the knowledge of the Saudi government. The Saudi Embassy requires all students to register with them whatever country they are in, Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani did not, why?

Saudi Security Agency (GIP) is one of the most comprehensive spy agencies (like FBI) in the world, they have posted a new wanted list with Mohammed Othman Al-Zahrani  being one of their top 17 Most Wanted. The Saudi Security Agency (GIP), did not know Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani was in the USA, get real.

The Re'asat Al Istikhbarat Al A'amah (Arabic: رئاسة الا. ستخبارات العامة), or the General Intelligence Presidency, GIP (Arabic: رئاسة الاستخبارات العامة), is the pre-Eminent intelligence agency of the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "Do you feel that you have done something wrong towards your country? Do not get involved in troubles any more ... We can Assest you wherever you are. All information will be dealt with Confidentially Contact us: "

Binghamton University Killing Apartment-mates say man accused of killing professor and was Confrontational 'acted like a terrorist '. The two apartment-mates of the man charged with Stabbing a Binghamton University professor to death on Friday said Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani was Confrontational, Argumentative and "acted like a terrorist.

These are the Jew hate emails sent by Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani to the Israeli newspaper, Maariv:

Abdulsalam Alzahrani:  

I Completly agree ... even if these statements are made by the Ugliest soul on earth (Israel), the soul of a sick animal Quintessential-without-a-tail Israeli Orientalist ... why should we be upset ... we are people ruled by the most corrupted blood-sucking, Sadomasachistic (Sadist with us and with their overseas Masachist Lords), demented, ignorant and Incapable Gangs, Deprived in body and mind, Deformed in consciousness (we must erase this word from the Arabic dictionary ... it is Superfluous without a Referent in the real world ... our world (Arab) ...

Abdulsalam Alzahrani:  

Now I have to say something to this idiot who said the Arabs are the Grossest Fuilure in the history of human Beings. No failure equals the Israeli ... your were f ... up under a Tolitarian rule in europe and the rule failed and you want to Replicate it! how stupid is this? what failure is this?

Einstein himself refused to join you doomed Enterprience and Freud himself thought that you were Theafts Sealing even the moral Innovatons of other people even the hummus you (Israeli) have stolen, the land, the water, resources of Palistine ... you (Israel) are a bunch of Psychopath Theaves and Murdurers ... everyone is against you (Israel) because of your criminal actions Unethical Immoral ... You Israeli) killed children! what else you want to be convinced that you (Israel) are shame of humanity.

For more, see this.

Information from the brother in law of religion Prof. Richard T. Antoun (his photo above) indicates that he was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Binghamton NY, his wife is Jewish and attended the local Temple, contrary to what is written in the preface of his book, click here and most likely read by Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani.

"Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish movements" - Google Books Result by Richard T. Antoun - 2008 - Religion - 191 pages. I attended Quaker meetings, the Lutheran church, and the Unitarian church, all without becoming a member. More recently I have been introduced to Judaism, particularly the Reform tradition, through my wife in a small city (Binghamton) in Upstate New York.

Rosalyn, his wife, a 63-year-old employee of the Jewish Federation, Said she Prefers to go by Roz. Rich, too, preferred a nickname: Dick. They were married 17 years and spent all of them on Murray Hill Road, which runs Adjacent to campus.
Abdulsalam S. Alzahrani, 46, had Graduated from King Abdul Aziz University after studying accounting before being employed by Samba Bank and Savola Group. He then went to the U.S. on different Occasions to study his master's and Ph.D..

Other Notable Grads of King Abdul Aziz University are Osama Bin Laden, 52, who Studied management and economics at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, coming under the influence of religious teachers who introduced him to the Wider world of Islamic politics.

Savola group in Jeddah Saudi Arabia links to support of terrorism, Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In 1968 bin Laden's father died leaving his 13-year-old son $ 80 million dollars. Eleven years later (1979 to 1980) Osama bin Laden Graduated from King Abdul-Aziz University, in JiddaWith a degree in civil engineering. His early years as a young adult included nightclubs in Beirut, Free Spending and fun. According to one Acquaintance he was "a heavy Drinker who often ended up Embroiled in Shouting matches and Fistfights with other young men over an attractive night-club dancer or barmaid." Ironically, bin Laden would eventually embrace Wahhabism, a very strict Islamic Sect Prevalent in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some more "just your normal Saudi guys" named Al-Zahrani;
There are a total of 10 Al-Zahrani's directly linked to Al-Qaeda, all from Saudi Arabia;
1). Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Arrested in Abha by Saudi police on 8/05/04 on charges of terrorism, capture a serious blow to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.
2). Khalid Saeed Ahmad al Zahrani, A Saudi candidate to become one of the September 11th Hijackers
3). Ahmad Abdullah Saleh Al-Zahrani, Saudi Arabian "Most Wanted Terrorist List
4). Ahmad Barakat Ali Al-Zahrani, Saudi Arabian "Most Wanted Terrorist List
5). Mujab Atiyyah Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani , Saudi Arabian "Most Wanted Terrorist List
6). Mohammed Othman Alzahrani, Saudi Arabian "Most Wanted Terrorist List, 44
7). Said Ibrahim Al-Zahrani (Captive 204) Gitmo
8). Fawaz Abd Al-Zahrani , At Gitmo
9). Yasser Talal Al Zahrani, Ostensibly having hung himself at Gitmo.