Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homegrown Terrorists Test U.S. As Cases Top Out Due To A Proliferation Of Extremist Web Sites, Islamic Thugs In Cyberspace.

Homegrown Terrorists Test U.S. As Cases Top Out Due To A Proliferation Of Extremist Web Sites, Islamic Thugs In Cyberspace.

Dec. 11.... The case of five Muslim Americans who traveled to Pakistan, possibly to train to fight against the U.S., may represent part of a growing threat: homegrown Islamic extremists.

"The big challenge is now to be able to compete, challenge and scrutinize Islamic thugs in cyberspace." U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a proliferation of extremist Web sites and increased recruiting have inspired more Americans to train in overseas terrorist camps and plot attacks in the U.S., anti-terrorism specialists said.

“It’s been brewing for a while as the Web sites and as the message becomes more extensive,” said Thomas Fuentes, a former assistant FBI director who headed the international operations office before leaving the agency in 2008. “It’s pretty clear it has picked up in the last year or two.”
American-based extremists are a challenge for law enforcement because they’re harder to track than foreigners who travel to the U.S., said Frances Fragos Townsend, the former homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush. Terrorists overseas are increasingly recruiting Americans because border security has been strengthened making it harder for them to enter the country, Townsend said.

The number of incidents this year involving American Muslims who have been accused of planning terror attacks, carrying them out, or leaving to join a jihad, or holy war, has risen to the highest level since the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a tally by Brian Michael Jenkins, a terrorism specialist and senior adviser to the Rand Corp., a Santa Monica, California- based policy group. He said he counted 12 cases this year out of a total of 32 in the eight-plus years since the attacks.

“Home-based terrorism is here,” said Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary, in speech this month in New York. “And like violent extremism abroad, it is now part of the threat picture that we must confront.” The arrests of the five men in Pakistan this week came after their families reported them missing from their homes in the Washington, D.C.-area. One of the men left behind a “farewell” video that showed images of conflicts in the Muslim world. more from this source...............

Think of the Islamic Thugs In Cyberspace terrorist web as two different platforms: (1) interactive forums, discussion groups, blogs and chat rooms used by jihadists to communicate and plan with each other and attract and direct new recruits; and (2) static web pages of violent propaganda. While the former can provide Western intelligence agencies with vital information about potential attacks, the latter frequently contain little if any probative value beyond their violent messaging.

The goal should be to shut down those sites that yield little in the way of actionable intelligence while infiltrating, monitoring and countering the more dynamic sites that serve as operational tools for the terrorists. An effective online strategy should serve to limit and discredit the jihadist message, deny safe haven to terrorists on the Internet, thwart their ability to obtain support from a vulnerable online population, and continue to monitor their communications on web forums such as Facebook, Myspace and Youtube.

Terror on TV, Hezbollah's Al Manar TV, Hamas's Al Aqsa TV and the Iraqi channel Al-Rafidein, shut them down. Satellite operators who provide service to Middle Eastern channels which knowingly allow anti-American incitement on their airwaves better watch out. A new bill which targets Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist run television stations was overwhelmingly passed by the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

Five Washington, D.C. area Muslims arrested in Pakistan the foreign nationals are held in Sargodh, one of them Ramy Zamzam on Facebook, MORE AND MORE TERRORISTS ARE USING FACEBOOK TO COMMUNICATE INTERNATIONALLY. The identities of two of the missing men, Howard student Ramy Zamzam and Waqar Khan, have been mentioned in online postings, including a Facebook page that was set up Monday for friends to offer their support. Some of those pages, however, appear restricted to friends and associates, SEE CLICK HERE.

THE "POWER OF THE PRESS" HAS BEEN AIDING PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER IN SHUTTING DOWN JIHAD TERROR WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA DURING 2008 & 2009 Begining with January 2008 private investigator Bill Warner has put on a full court press shutting down Al-Qaeda and assorted Jihad websites that are/were hosted by Web Companies in the USA with the aid of Newspapers and TV Stations that have put America's safety at the forefront.