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Binghamton Roommates and Neighbors Speak about Saudi Arabian Grad Student Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani, In Saudi Arabia Terrorist Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani Was An Al-Qaeda Leader.

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani
Al-Zahrani Name Linked to Terrorism, Al-Qaeda and September 11th 2001.

Along with the arrested Al-Qaeda terror leader Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani and the 9/11 20th Hijacker Khalid Al-Zahrani there are 3 more Al-Zahrani’s listed on the current Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List“.  There are also captured terrorists Said Ibrahim Al-Zahrani (captive 204) and Fawaz Abd Al-Zahrani at Gitmo, both are from Saudi Arabia.

This is getting unbelievable, there are a total of 10 Al-Zahrani's directly linked to Al-Qaeda, all from Saudi Arabia;

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani has been charged with the second-degree murder of Binghamton University Professor–Richard Antoun. Broome County’s District Attorney says Al-Zahrani stabbed Antoun to death in the Science 1 building Friday. The two knew each other through the anthropology graduate program.
Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani  (his email address) the murder suspect at Binghamton University is a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia he is of the Wahhabism strict interpretation of Islam. Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani was to be graded in his PhD dissertation by Prof. Richard T. Antoun at Binghamton University.

Binghamton University killing Apartment-mates say man accused of killing professor was confrontational and ‘acted like a terrorist’  The two apartment-mates of the man charged with stabbing a Binghamton University professor to death on Friday said Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani was confrontational, argumentative and “acted like a terrorist.” The three men lived together for the past three weeks in a first-floor unit on Main Street in Binghamton.

The men were brought together by a landlord, who rented a vacant room to Al-Zahrani, a 46-year-old Saudi national who was working on his doctorate at BU. Souleyman Sukho, a Senegalese doctoral student at BU, said during the three weeks the men lived together, Al-Zahrani “came at me with a knife.” He behaved like a terrorist,” Sukho said. “He would open his door and would be screaming on the phone.” more from this source…..

Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani.
CBS NEWS….Faris Ahmed Jamaan al-Showeel Al-Zahrani arrested, (Arabic: فارس أحمد جمعان آل شويل الزهراني‎) was on Saudi Arabia’s list of 26 ‘most-wanted’ suspected terrorists. He was arrested in Abha by Saudi police on August 5, 2004 on charges of terrorism. His capture was considered a serious blow to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.

Four weeks prior to his arrest, Al-Zahrani wrote an article in which he said he was evading the Saudi crackdown. Several weeks before the arrest, Al-Zahrani said, in an interview with the online publication Voice of Jihad: “I would like to reassure the people who love me…I am careful in my movements and contacts, and I take all necessary precautions.” In the same statement, al-Zahrani rejected an amnesty that King Fahd had offered militants in June. Al-Zahrani and another man were arrested without incident, even though both were armed.

Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani lived in a three bedroom apartment in downtown Binghamton. His roommate says police searched his room for two to three hours.” The police, they came, and when they were allowed to enter into his room, they took all his stuff,” said Jules Sakho, Al-Zahrani’s roomate. His roommates say police also found a knife in a dumpster near the apartment.

But police do not have a motive at this time. Al-Zahrani’s roommates say he was dealing with a lot of problems. He expressed being worried about finishing his dissertation on time. He was also no longer on scholarship and didn’t have a job.
“I would think it was because of the whole dissertation being rejected. But I cannot confirm it, he had issues with his financials. I don’t know what he had against that professor,” said Luis Pena, a graduate student. His roommates and neighbors also say his behavior was strange.

“He was all the time shouting in Arabic, shouting threats, insulting this country (USA) for no reason,” said Sakho. “He used to make a lot of noise, always at Dunkin Donuts next door to our apartment, and he used to shout a lot,” said Kalpak Bahlearo, Al-Zahrani’s neighbor.

“He told me there were students, who were spies for the government of Jordan that were harassing him,” said Pena. “Sometimes, for no reason, asking if I am afraid of death or not, ” said Sakho. “He says a comment like, ‘I feel like just waking up and destroying the world’,” said Pena, more from this source.............

Khalid Al-Zahrani Al-qaeda Member And Was To Be The 20th Hijacker on 9/11.  A Saudi candidate to become one of the September 11th hijackers, Khalid Saeed Ahmad al Zahrani was an al-Qaeda member, and has been imprisoned in the Guantánamo Bay detainment camp since at least April 20, 2002 when his first interrogation is recorded. The date that commonly refers to the attacks on United States citizens on September 11, 2001 (see the September 11, 2001 Attacks). … Al-Qaeda the foundation or the base) is the name given to a worldwide network of militant Islamist organizations under the leadership of Osama bin Laden.

According to the 9/11 Commission, Khalid Al- Zahrani attended “terrorist training camps“, including Al Farouq in Afghanistan for eleven years. The 911 Commision reports:The Commissions seal The references in this article would be clearer with a different and/or consistent style of citation, footnoting or external linking. … The al Farouq training camp was a military training camp near Kandahar Afghanistan that is alleged to have been run by al Qaeda. …

Khalid Saeed Ahmad al Zahrani. He traveled to Afghanistan illegally after being prohibited by Saudi authorities from leaving Saudi Arabia. After being assigned to a mission in the U.S., he secretly reentered the Kingdom but failed in an attempt to have his name removed from the list of prohibited travelers so that he could obtain a U.S. visa. See Intelligence reports, interrogations of detainee, Apr. 20, 2002; Oct. 4, 2002; Apr. 3, 2003.

He was sent, but failed, to convince Mushabib al-Hamlan not to abandon his training, after al-Hamlan left the training camp to remain with his ill mother. A original candidate in the September 11, 2001 attack, Mushabib al-Hamlan became involved with militancy at secondary-school in December 1999, where he attended gatherings to watch videos about the glory of Jihad and detailing the atrocities of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Yugoslav wars. …

He was later selected for an unknown mission in the United States, believed to have been the 9/11 hijackings, and re-entered Saudi Arabia to apply for a legitimate travel visa, but was denied an application because his name was on a Saudi watchlist of persons to be refused to travel outside the country.

Along with the arrested Al-Qaeda terror leader Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani and the 9/11 20th Hijacker Khalid Al-Zahrani there are 3 more Al-Zahrani’s listed on the current Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List“.


1). Faris Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Arrested in Abha by Saudi police on 8/05/04 on charges of terrorism, capture a serious blow to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.
2). Khalid Saeed Ahmad al Zahrani, A Saudi candidate to become one of the September 11th hijackers

3). Ahmad Abdullah Saleh Al-Zahrani, Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List

4). Ahmad Ali Barakat Al-Zahrani, Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List

5). Mujab Atiyyah Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani , Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List

6). Mohammed Othman Mufreh Alzahrani, Saudi Arabian “Most Wanted Terrorist List, a 44-year-old Saudi

7). Said Ibrahim Al-Zahrani, (captive 204) Gitmo

8). Fawaz Abd Al-Zahrani , at Gitmo
9). Yasser Talal Al Zahrani, ostensibly having hung himself at Gitmo.

10). Muhammed Murdi Issa Al Zahrani, at Gitmo

Binghamton’s murder suspect Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani has quite the family tree, Al-Zahrani clan in Saudi Arabia has a big presence in Al-Qaeda.