Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pest exterminator Jerry Sanchez shatters usual image of a NYC subway psycho or is he Jack Jeebs the pawn shop owner from MIB.

On hearing of the inexplicable murder over a seat in a nearly empty subway car, you would have expected the suspect to be a wild-eyed psycho right out of every straphanger's worst nightmare.

Instead, the handcuffed prisoner the police walked out of the Columbus Circle subway station Saturday morning was a balding, middle-age working man still in the uniform he wears as a pest exterminator.

His red shirt read "Jerry" over the right breast, "Terminate Control" over the left, as might a killer in a bad horror movie, but he was too mild-looking to seem capable of killing anything bigger than a cockroach. (Or is he Jack Jeebs the pawn shop owner from MIB, click here to see video)

Just be thankful that the suddenly crazed killer aboard the D train early Saturday morning did not have a gun. Any of the handful of people aboard could have been felled by a stray round.

In the case of the subway stabbing, the victim might still be walking around had the suspect not been thrown off his usual routine 17 hours before the stabbing, when Sanchez showed up a few minutes late for his job at Terminate Control on E. 12th St. A friend says the boss sent Sanchez home. Sanchez offered not a word of protest.

Nobody foresaw any irony in the signs reading "BUG OFF" and "BUG OUT" in Terminate Control's front window as Sanchez walked off, passing on this same block East Side Community High Schol that his 14-year-old son attends.

Friends last saw Sanchez walking east, apparently heading back to the room he rents in the Bronx. Sanchez's usual route was to trek to Union Square, catch an uptown 4 train and transfer at the Yankee Stadium stop to the D train.

Whether he did indeed head home, he was for some reason in Manhattan early Saturday, still in his work clothes. He apparently headed Bronxward, but there was a service interruption on the 4 train. He had to catch the D at 34th St. rather than Yankee Stadium. If he was upset by the detour, he would have been staying in character if he said nothing. Just as he said nothing about being turned away for being late to work or about walking past his kid's school to make the long journey to a rented room when his ex-wife lived just down the street.

Maybe that and much more had built up inside Sanchez when he boarded the D train at 34th St. He also might have been feeling the effects of the pain pills he had started taking after an on-the-job fall two weeks ago. The exterminator said to be so quiet and passive saw something no right-thinking person would complain about. A passenger was sitting with a bag on the seat beside him in the half-filled car.

Sanchez demanded that the passenger remove the bag. The passenger understandably declined. Sanchez allegedly began stabbing the passenger in a frenzy. And the murder toll in the safest big city in America went up by one, more from this source........