Sunday, November 01, 2009

Memorial Park arson: Drunk out-of-towner Brian Schroeder sets fire to sacred WTC area, Brian Schroeder another 9/11 Truther who is an actor wannabe.

Memorial Park arson: Drunk out-of-towner Brian Schroeder sets fire to sacred WTC area, Brian Schroeder another 9/11 Truther who is an actor wannabe.

Sunday, November 1st 2009, An arsonist set fire on Saturday to a chapel where the remains of unidentified victims of Sept. 11 are stored, city officials said. None of the thousands of remains was damaged but virtually all the mementos - pictures, notes and flowers - left by loved ones at Memorial Park were either stolen or damaged in the fire, according to the mayor's office.

Mayor Bloomberg said that fire officials determined the blaze was intentionally set and the chapel on E. 30th St. and the FDR Drive would be treated as a crime scene. "Anyone who would set fire to the inviolable Memorial Park chapel is craven and contemptible," said Bloomberg in a press release. Relatives "who visit the Memorial Park chapel and have already gone through such enormous loss have my sympathy."
None of the remains, which are destined for a memorial at the World Trade Center, were damaged but "mementos and candles left by family members in honor of 9/11 victims were destroyed or possibly stolen," Mayor Bloomberg said earlier yesterday
Brian Schroeder, 26, was arrested last night. Schroeder, who may have been from out of town, was apparently drunk when he started the fire, a source said. A Harvard law grad student Brian Schroeder surrendered to cops yesterday after allegedly setting fire to an East Side chapel that houses remains of 9/11 victims as part of a drunken dare, sources said.

Brian Schroeder, 26, originally from Texas, walked into the 13th Precinct station house at about 7 p.m. in connection with the blaze at Memorial Park, on East 30th Street. Charges were pending, police said.

Relatives who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack called it a "hateful act." "For family members this brings it right back up - immediately and full force," said Charles Wolf, whose wife, Katherine, worked in tower one and was never identified. "It cuts right inside."
A break-in was discovered in the chapel at about 8 a.m. and a fire was later started, wrote Nazli Parvizi, commissioner of the mayor's community affairs unit, in an e-mail to Sept. 11 families, more from this source......

April, 2009 DUKE THEATER...Brian Schroeder (T''05) just finished his first year of Harvard Law School. Brian Schroeder recently performed in the Parody , an annual student-written musical satirizing life and the law, and will be co-producing the HLS Drama Society's fall show, The Wild Party .

Aug. 19, 2003.. Brian Schroeder, 20, is going to be a junior at Duke University. He interned for a Broadway production company this summer and stayed at N.Y.U.’s Cliff St. dorm in Lower Manhattan. Schroeder immersed himself in New York City nightlife (DRUNK) and culture during his two months in the city. “The strength of Manhattan lies in its cultural diversity and the opportunities here,” he said. “Other great aspects of New York are the amazing array of theatrical productions and the networking that can take place inside and outside the office.”

The cost of living was the major drawback of living in the city, yet Schroeder plans to return next summer for a legal internship. He plans on again staying in N.Y.U. housing next summer, saying he enjoys the atmosphere. “This ‘campus’ is definitely open to meeting more outside people. Duke is a very sheltered community compared to N.Y.U.’s diverse and spread-out campus,” he said. Among Schroeder’s favorite places are Chelsea Market and Central Park.