Friday, November 27, 2009

Mara Carfagna Italy’s Minister For Equal Opportunities Posed for Nude Photos And Says No, No, No To The Muslim Burqa, It's A Crime...

Mara Carfagna Italy’s Minister For Equal Opportunities Posed for Nude Photos And Says No, No, No, To The Muslim Burqa, It's A Crime...

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi tapped Mara Carfagna to be Italy’s Minister for Equal Opportunities last year. Before entering politics, Carfagna’s career spanned stints as a TV personality, a topless model for raunchy photo shoots, and a sixth-place finish as Miss Italy. According to The Daily Telegraph, seventy-one-year-old Berlusconi told Carfagna at an awards dinner last year that if he wasn’t married, he would “gladly marry” her. Berlusconi’s wife, according to the report, sent a letter demanding an apology for embarrassing the budding politician. Check out Mara Carfagna’s official Web site.

11/26/2009, The Blog of Mara Carfagna...."The debate on citizenship to non-EU has unfortunately flattened arithmetic: five years instead of ten, eight, rather than a higher number. The problem, however, is not the amount of time, but the quality of the paths of integration that immigrants follow once they arrive in our country.
After all, those fathers who killed their daughters because they were "Western" or those husbands who forced their wives to wear the burqa, they did so often by Italian citizens. "

So the Minister for Equal Opportunity, Mara Carfagna, comments on the draft law on citizenship presented by the Member from the PDL and president of the Moroccan women in Italy, Souad Sbai. "This proposal has the merit of considering all these elements and plans to make the granting of citizenship to launching a real path of integration must pass necessarily through a knowledge of our language and our culture. The law also has an eye towards children who were born or arrived in Italy for family reunification must be seen to offer equal rights from their Italian peers. Our borders can not be open to criminals, but only to those who come to Italy to work, respecting our laws and rights of women, "concluded the minister".

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