Monday, November 02, 2009

Feds focus search for Glen Chambers, convicted murderer, on Orange Beach Al, Chambers escaped prison twice for the Sarasota murder of Connie Weeks.

NOVEMBER 2nd 2009……U.S. Marshals Service, Glen Chambers was convicted of murder in the 1975 beating of a Sarasota, Fla. woman who broke off a relationship with him. He has fled prison twice and remains on the run from a 1990 escape. FOLEY, Ala. — Federal authorities are on the lookout for a convicted murderer whom witnesses claim to have spotted recently in coastal Alabama.

Glen Chambers, 58, was last seen in 1990 building furniture as part of a Florida prison work program for well-behaved convicts. On Feb. 21 of that year he hid in a piece of furniture and had it shipped from the central Florida prison to Daytona Beach, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

Chambers was serving a life sentence related to the 1975 beating death of a Sarasota, Fla., woman, Connie Weeks, with whom he had reportedly had a romantic relationship. His 1990 escape was the second of his incarceration.

Back in 1975, Connie Weeks was an employee at Sarasota Lanes bowling alley. Weeks reportedly was in a romantic relationship with Glen Chambers. Witnesses say in January of that year they saw Chambers pull Weeks by her hair in the parking lot of the bowling alley.

Chambers was arrested for the assault, but reports say Weeks bailed him out. Soon after, she was severely beaten and died from her injuries. Glen Chambers was convicted of Connie Weeks’ murder and eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Chambers was recently featured on an episode of America’s Most Wanted and a composite sketch of how he might look now solicited tips from coastal Alabama residents who said they’d seen the man.

U.S. Marshals ServiceGlen Chambers, now 58, may be living in the Orange Beach Al area, tipsters have told police. This computer-generated image shows how he might look today. One said he met the man in Mobile, and that he worked in construction in Orange Beach. Two years ago another caller said they’d seen Chambers in an Orange Beach bar, according to Marshals.

Anyone with knowledge of Chambers’ whereabouts should call the U.S. Marshals Service, Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force in Mobile at (251) 544-1120. Information received will be confidential, investigator said, more from this source……………

Sex: Male ….Race: White

Current Age: 58 ....Birth Date: 03/10/1951

Height: 6′3″

Weight: 200-220 lbs.

Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair): Brown

Chambers may have a receding hairline.

His hair may be graying and even thinning.

Scars and Tattoos: Chambers has two 3-inch scars on his right forearm.

He has a tattoo on his left upper arm that reads, “LIVE FREE OR DIE”

Traits and Habits: Chambers has a violent temper.

Speaks fluent spanish

Trained in martial arts

Trained as electrician, construction, and in water and wastewater treatment.

Chambers plays the guitar, enjoys fishing and basketball.

Has a history of heavy drinking and drugs.

Has family in Minnesota and Sarasota, Florida

Last Seen: Polk City , FL