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David R. Walters Slave Camp Super at Dozier School For Boys Marianna Fl Is Alive And Well In Panama City Beach, FDLE Whitewash Did Not Dig Up Any Of The 31 Graves, Where The Hell Is FBI & DOJ Looking Into Abuse Of The Children's Civil Rights, Investigation by PI Bill Warner.

David R. Walters Slave Camp Super at Dozier School For Boys Marianna Fl Is Alive And Well In Panama City Beach, FDLE Whitewash Did Not Dig Up Any Of The 31 Graves, Where The Hell Is FBI & DOJ Looking Into Abuse Of The Children's Civil Rights, Investigation by PI Bill Warner.

Roger Dean Kiser, author http://www.americanorphan.com/
The White House Boys Web Site http://www.thewhitehouseboys.com/

Dr. David R. Walters (birth date April, 1934, AGE 75) was the former superintendent of the Florida School for Boys (F.S.B.) aka Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Fl, click here to see link to official paper work in 1964. We've heard he had been charged with transporting boys from one of two boys’ schools he formed in Florida and one in Georgia a number of years ago.

There is a Federal mail fraud conviction on a David R. Walters it might have been a reduced charge from interstate trafficking of the boys from the work camps and that he might have pled to a lesser federal charge as there was mail correspondence between the two different state schools.

White House Boy Don Smith said Dr. David R. Walters beat him two times in one day, he got 130 licks. White House Boy Sam Moles said that when a boy was just talking to Dr. David R. Walters that the boy's bodies would shake uncontrollably out of fear.


Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date Location.

1. DAVID R. WALTERS 23021-034 75-White-M 11-01-1996 RELEASED

Ex-Reform School Student Says He Witnessed Boy's Beating Death, As authorities began investigating unmarked graves near a reform school where boys were brutally abused in the 1950s and '60s, one former student remembered the horrors that happened inside. Don Stratton, now 63, went to the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Fla., and says he saw the unimaginable at the place known simply as the "White House."

"I witnessed them killing a boy, OK. They beat him to death," Stratton told MyFOXTampaBay.com. "The state of Florida beat him at the White House. And I watched it; I seen it." He said the school controlled students with fear. Twice a week, the children — ages 9 to 16 — would be taken into a room and beaten. The boys called it "going down." "They turned the fan on, so you wouldn't hear the screaming. But I could hear the screaming 'cause I was right there," said Stratton, who was beaten three times, more from this source..............

A Marianna man is the only individual listed in a class-action suit that alleges he and several state entities are responsible for alleged abuse at the Florida Industrial School for Boys. The class action suit, filed by Bryant Middleton, William Horne, Roger Kiser and Jimmy Jackson, lists the defendants as the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Florida Department of Corrections, and Troy Tidwell of Marianna.

FDLE WHITEWASHED INVESTIGATION, USED NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS AND CAMP RECORDS, DID NOT DIG UP 31 GRAVES.In the early years, the Dozier School for Boys facility was located on almost 1400 acres and periodically housed male and female students who were as young as six years old. Many of these students were committed to the facility for minor offenses, such as “incorrigibility” or “truancy.” “White” and “Colored” students were segregated from one another until 1968. The School had two campuses- the South Side or “Number 1” side for the white students and the North Side or “Number 2” side or colored students. The School’s North Side campus, where the cemetery was located, was permanently closed between 1990 and 1991.

The School has remained open throughout the years having been known as the Florida State Reform School (1900-1913), the Florida Industrial School for Boys (1914-1957), the Florida School for Boys (1957-1967), and currently operates as the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. During the early years, the School was self-sufficient in that it had its own source of food (cattle, hogs, poultry, dairy, vegetable gardens, etc.), laundry, infirmary, print shop, textile mill, brick mill, chapel, etc. The boys attended School every other day. On the days they did not attend class, they were required to work in these various departments (for the Florida Department of Agriculture).

As per the FDLE investigation of May 2009, CASE NO. EI-73-8455...it does not appear that the results of the investigation of the 31 graves at the Dozier School for Boys support the issuance of any exhumation orders. The investigation did not reveal evidence to suggest that any of the deceased died as a result of criminal conduct which had not been previously investigated, Newspaper articles from the era and camp records were used to make the FDLE determination, (appears to be a whitewash in the making).

FDLE reviewed and analyzed the following documentation to identify the School’s 31 deceased: School ledgers, student record books, the School’s publication of The Yellow Jacket, local and national newspapers, the Florida Department of State Library and Archives, and the Florida Department of Health Division of Vital Statistics. Therefore it is highly unlikely that an autopsy would reveal any information (so says the FDLE) relevant to the investigation, none of the 31 graves at the Dozier School for Boys were exhumed and no autopsies were done.

Gov. Charlie Crist's reaction to allegations of decades-old child abuse at the former Florida School for Boys (now the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys) followed a familiar pattern. The stories were told, the public responded and the governor ordered an investigation. But the result so far, little more than a glorified audit of records pertaining to the school's cemetery by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, has been an utter disappointment.

But FDLE steered clear of much of that emotional testimony — and did not interview one of the key leaders of the White House Boys group. The agency took the most literal interpretation of Crist's charge to investigate the school's unmarked graves. Using official records and newspaper reports, which the agency conceded were incomplete and deteriorated, investigators said it appears that 31 people are buried there, all 31 appear accounted for in written records and no deaths appear to be suspicious.

But the agency didn't exhume any bodies nor utilize ground-penetrating radar to discern if more could be buried there. And while the agency acknowledges the written records made it impossible to ascertain the location of burial sites, it appears little weight was given to the fact that the official records would have been maintained by the alleged torturers themselves. The result is a FDLE report that reads more like a possible defense argument for the state than an investigation that considered alternative outcomes., where the hell is the FBI and the Department of Justice investigating the abuse of these children's civil rights !