Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Abuse and Rapes at the Arthur G. Dozier Prison For Boys (and Girls) in Marianna Fl Continues, Recent Reports By the Times-Union Confirm Sexual Assaults, Beatings and Deprived Medical Care.

Abuse and Rapes at the Arthur G. Dozier Prison For Boys (and Girls) in Marianna Fl Continues, Recent Reports By the Times-Union Confirm Sexual Assaults, Beatings and Deprived Medical Care.

The “White House Boys,” Roger Kiser, Dick Colon, Robert Straley, Michael O’McCarthy and others have retained private investigator Bill Warner of Sarasota Fl to handle the background checks and research into the individuals responsible for the horrific events that took place at the Florida School For Boys, aka The Dozier School For Boys in Marianna Fl, see the “White House Boys” website at this link, click here.

Tammi, November 2nd 2009......Arthur G Dozier in Marianna is a very hard subject for me. I have went through many years of counseling because of the sexual abuse that happened to me while there. Failed relationships and more. Below is just a short synopsis;

I was there 2x back in the 70's ...1976-1977. I tried to get something done after I turned 18 ...I was told nothing could be done...by the DA. I will admit after that later on I had a girlfriend of mine drive me there to the entrance....yes I had a gun...I was going to take care of Mr. Long myself. But I broke down started crying and ended up having a nervous breakdown....instead of shooting anyone.

When I was there girls would be called up to the office next door to Jefferson House. I know he told me if I said anything I would not be able to go home. He sexually molested and raped me at least a 3x a week. I tried running from there and was caught and put in solitary...I kicked one of the dog guys between the legs I believe his name was Mr Peters or something like that ...we called him Mr P.

Mr. Long then came by and said I had better not try that again. I saw other girls get called up...My bunk mate was called up continuously also. Her name was Mary Redding. Some of the other girls names that I remember that were there are Bonita Clark, Beverley Champagne, Coco (last name???) I had tried putting this out of my mind for years and even talked with a psychiatrist...Mr Long's face will never leave my dreams...or the hell he put me through...I was only 13. I was in there because I had ran away from home a couple of times. I don't know how to go about getting the names of the other girls that were in there...hopefully you can help. This needs to be brought out...to let people know it also happened to us girls...not just the boys....that were there.

Dlayne said...Sep-7-09 3:47pm ...I was at Marianna when they also housed girls, I was in Jefferson House.....I was repeatedly raped by an employee .I tried running from there. I am 46 now ...and still deal with everything that happened to me when I was there. I was put there because I ran away from home. I was there back in the late 70's .

Both boys and girls were tortured and raped at the Dozier School in Marianna Fl, girls were still being sent to Dozier in Marianna up until the late 1970's. The Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, founded around 1900, in December 2008 subject of an official investigation into allegations of abuse, torture, rape, and murder of juvenile offenders held there in the 1950s and 1960's.

Noteworthy is the so-called "white house" where many of the more severe abuses took place; this building remained in use until October 2008.

For more than 50 years, Charles Rambo did not dwell on the 11 months he spent at Florida Industrial School for Boys, now called the Dozier School for Boys Marianna Fl. But about a month ago, after hearing the stories of other men who endured savage beatings at the reform school during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Rambo’s own experience as a skinny 12-year-old in 1955 came rushing back.

He remembered the searing pain of the 18 licks he was given during his 1st and only trip to the school’s now infamous White House, he was hit so hard his body lifted clear off the bare bed and the weeks it took for the bloodied blisters called “slabs” to heal. He recalled the grueling 16-hour days working in the school’s dairy and a dehumanizing culture that valued livestock over children.

The State of Florida , Department of Agriculture profited from the “slave labor” of the Reform School children on the farms, that is one of the reasons that the State is listed in the White House Boys law suit.   On the road between his native Tallahassee and his home in Atlanta, the 67-year-old minister and coach pulled over and wept. “State of Florida, why in the hell didn’t you protect me?” he recounted, choking back tears at a news conference Friday. “Why didn’t you protect other young people? Why?”

Rambo is the first black man to publicly come forward about his time at what is now called the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. Stories of horrific abuse at the formerly segregated reform school began to make news last year. Four men, known as the White House Boys, have filed a class-action lawsuit in Pinellas County against the state and two former employees.

Monday, Oct. 12, 2009....State verifies 4 cases of physical abuse at Dozier school, DCF investigators review 229 allegations;

The tales of teenagers being whipped in a reform school building known as the White House decades ago are being replaced by more recent reports of abuse from the same school, though seemingly not as harsh or as widespread. The state Department of Children and Families this week released summaries of nearly 155 investigations into reports of abuse since 2004 at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. About one-third of the juveniles at the 135-bed, high-risk facility were from Northeast Florida, according to a 2003 report.

DCF investigators reviewed 229 allegations and found there was enough evidence to verify physical abuse on the part of Dozier staff in four cases, while a case of sexual abuse and one of medical neglect were also proven. Investigators also found “some indication” of abuse or neglect in 33 other allegations, but were unable to find enough evidence to prove the allegations in court, DCF officials said.

Among the more egregious verified cases:
- In 2007, a 19-year-old suffered a fractured jaw after being threatened with the sharp end of a broken broom, hit in the face and put in a chokehold by a staff member who also promised to snap his neck for being in an off-limits area. The staff member was placed on unspecified administrative leave, records show.

- In 2006, a 20-year-old sustained a broken nose after being grabbed by the neck, slammed into a wall and head-butted by a staff member angry that he wasn’t in his room. The staff member was fired.

- In 2006, a 20-year-old diabetic suffering from low blood sugar was unresponsive and apparently left for 20 minutes by staff who did nothing to help him. One of the staff members quit, while the other was reprimanded.

Other verified cases included two other physical attacks, a teacher having sex with a student and several students having oral sex with each other after staff left them unsupervised. Cases with some indication of abuse include an allegation that a staff member stuffed a student into a laundry bag and let other students abuse him. More than 100 boys were sent to the school annually from the Jacksonville area decades ago for everything from truancy to petty crimes. Many have told the Times-Union they felt they were beaten in an era when corporal punishment, though legal, was used on them sadistically, more from this source...

I would like to hear from any of the “survivors” of the Florida State Reform School for Boys in late 1950’s or 1960’s or 1970's both male and female, anyone who has additional information about the abuse inflicted by Troy Tidwell “the one armed man“, contact Bill Warner Private Investigator at WBI Inc Private Detective Agency Sarasota Fl, e-mail wbipi@verizon.net  or phone toll free 1-866-755-8453, my website http://www.wbipi.com/ .