Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tales From The Bin Laden Clan a Madman Speaks "That Monkey Was Not a Monkey At All, But Was a Jewish Person Turned Into a Monkey By The Hand of God."

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Tales From The Bin Laden Clan a Madman Speaks "That Monkey Was Not a Monkey At All, But Was a Jewish Person Turned Into a Monkey By The Hand of God."

Sure there is no direct link between the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and 9/11, read on.....

Bin Laden became a hero in Saudi Arabia because he fought the Russians in Afghanistan. But he began to clash with the royal family after they ignored his offers of military aid and instead let Americans liberate Kuwait in 1991.

The final straw, Omar writes, was when his father saw female American troops on his soil. "Women! Defending Saudi men!" he cried. Under pressure from the king, Osama went into a self-imposed exile in the Sudan.

Under pressure from the royal family and after assassination attempts, Sudan kicked Osama bin-Laden out. In 1996, bin-Laden found shelter with the Taliban and set up camp in earthen huts in the mountains of Tora Bora. Najwa's kitchen consisted only of a portable gas burner to make food for 10 kids. The children slept on cotton mattresses on the concrete floor, and there was no furniture.

Bin Laden drafted his sons to be suicide bombers. "Listen, my sons, there is a paper on the wall of the mosque. This paper is for men who are good Muslims, men who volunteer to be suicide bombers," Omar recalls him saying repeatedly. One of Osama's youngest sons ran to the mosque to sign up; his father did nothing to stop him.

When Omar responded with anger, bin Laden told him, "You hold no more a place in my heart than any other man or boy in the entire country." Omar once approached his father about his jihad obsession. "My father, when is this killing and war going to stop?" he asked his father.

Bin Laden responded, "Would you ask a Muslim when he was going to stop praying to God? I will fight until my dying day! I will fight until I breathe my last breath! I will never stop my fight for justice! I will never stop this jihad!"

As for why bin Laden focused on America, he said: "Remember this: America and Israel are one bicycle with two wheels. The wooden wheel represents the United States. The steel wheel represents Israel. Omar, Israel is the stronger power of the two. Does a general attack the strongest line in battle? No, he concentrates on the weakest part of the line."

A 20-year-old Omar eventually fled Afghanistan and begged his mother to do the same. Najwa (wife of Osama bin-Laden) decided to leave; her husband reluctantly conceded. In the first week of September 2001, Najwa handed Osama a ring as a token of her love. "No matter what you might be told, I will never divorce you," he said.

As she stepped foot in Syria a few days later with three of her children, the world changed. She watched the television in horror as the Twin Towers fell, claiming the lives of 2,991 people.

Though she refuses to criticize -- or even implicate -- her husband, she says: "I can only think and feel with my mother's heart. For every child lost, a mother's heart harbors the deepest pain. None can see our sons grow to men. None can see our daughters become mothers."

Najwa says she has not spoken to Osama since the attacks and does not know where he is. Omar, who has completely rejected his father and is petitioning to live in England, was at his uncle's house in Saudi Arabia when he learned of the attacks.

"Come quickly!" his uncle said. "Come and see what my brother has done! See what your father has done! He has ruined our lives! He has destroyed us!" more from this source....................

Osama bin-Laden could not have pulled off 9/11/01 without the help and support of the Taliban in Afghanistan.