My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sarasota Home Invasions Suspect Delmer Smith III Arrested, Smith Spent 15 Years in Federal Pen Run by Violent Aryan Brotherhood.

Sarasota Home Invasions Suspect Delmer Smith III Arrested, Smith Spent 15 Years in Federal Pen Run by Violent Aryan Brotherhood.  The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Terre Haute, Indiana, is a medium security facility housing male inmates with an adjacent satellite prison camp that houses minimum security male offenders. It is part of the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex (FCC).

Friday, October 09, 2009, Census May Have Hired Violent Criminals to Canvass Your Home in Sarasota from February/09 to April/09, Same Time Frame as Sarasota Home Invasions.

SARASOTA COUNTY - A convicted bank robber who drifted around the area in the past year is the man responsible for a series of home invasions and sexual assaults that shook the region last spring, sheriff’s officials said Monday. In announcing the arrest of 38-year-old Delmer Smith III, authorities said they may have solved as many as a dozen home invasions in which victims, mostly women, were stalked and then attacked while alone in their homes. In one April attack, a Sarasota woman was killed.

Smith, a Michigan native who has lived in Bradenton, Venice and North Port in the past year, was charged with four home invasions in Sarasota County and is the prime suspect in as many as eight others, Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight said at a press conference Monday. Knight and officers from several agencies say they first focused on Smith when he was in a brutal bar fight in Venice. He was not arrested then, but the incident brought Smith to the attention of officers, who later served a search warrant on a home where he lived and reportedly found stolen items that linked him to the home invasions, more from this source.....

Sarasota home invasions suspect Delmer Smith was driving a 2000 Chevrolet SUV with Florida tag #M406CX.

Investigators in Venice initially questioned Delmer Smith following a bar fight. Although he was not arrested or implicated at that point, police chief Julie Williams said Smith's demeanor resonated with officers. "The violence in the bar fight in our community was notable," she said." We never had anyone that violent over nothing in a bar fight." Officers later followed-up with Smith and found an abundance of electronics in Smith's apartment. Knight said those electronics were stolen from the homes that were robbed.

Sheriff Knight said Smith's DNA, which had been taken 15 years ago when he first became a federal prisoner, was not registered in a national database that detectives use to locate potential suspects. Local detectives had to ask that it be added for comparison to the samples they took from he crime scenes, more from this source...

The extreme over the top violence shown by Delmer Smith III, a white male shaved head with trimmed fu-man cho mustache and goatee, in the bar fight in Venice Fl and his 15 year prison term in the Federal prison system run by the Aryan Brotherhood give indications that Delmer Smith most likely is/was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

The Aryan Brotherhood, according to the U.S. Department of Justice Web site, is a white supremacist prison gang that boasts about 15,000 members in and out of jail, they rule the Federal prison system. Aryan Brotherhood members make up less than one-tenth of one percent of the nation's prison inmate population, yet the white power gang is responsible for 18% of all prison murders, according to the FBI.

In 1980, the Aryan Brotherhood split into two separate but cooperative factions, one for gang members in federal custody and the other for gang members in state prisons, who had by then proliferated to Colorado, Arizona, Missouri and New Mexico. Indiana State Prison gangs Aryan Brotherhood. The federal faction of the gang formed a three-man "commission" to supervise and direct all Aryan Brotherhood actions inside federal prison, in 1982, the state prison AB faction followed suit.

The Aryan Brotherhood are concerned with White-Supremacy and self-protection from Black and Hispanic gangs. The recent conviction of 4 Aryan Brotherhood members in Santa Ana, California, one of the largest death penalty cases in U.S. history, revealed an allegedly "ruthless" gang who regularly murdered those who opposed the system, growing so out of control that even its own ranking members could not consider themselves safe. Two of the gang members convicted in July's trial, both deemed eligible for the death penalty, had allegedly ordered a 1997 race war at a prison in Lewisburg, Pa. that killed two black inmates. The same two, in addition to another accomplice, murdered inmate Arva Lee Ray at the Lompoc, California, penitentiary in 1989. The trials also revealed that members were inspired by Nietzsche, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."

In 2006, alleged ringleader Barry "The Baron" Mills was put to trial for the murder of two black gang members, along with 3 other alleged leaders, including Tyler Davis "The Hulk" Bingham, Edgar "The Snail" Hevle, and Christopher Overton Gibson, all of whom are already serving time in prison. Mills orchestrated a successful contract murder against two black inmates in a Pennsylvania prison in 1979. Mills also planned a murder against Walter Johnson, an inmate who allegedly punched mafia don John Gotti in the eye in an Illinois prison in 1997. Gotti paid Mills $500,000 to kill Johnson, and Mills, who was staying at a Colorado prison at the time, agreed. However, the contract was never completed, and Gotti died in prison in 2002.

Initially formed for the protection of whites against blacks in prison, the gang gradually moved to criminal enterprise. In prison, they strive to control the sale of drugs, gambling, and "punks," or male prostitutes. According to Parenti, "Racial warfare comes second to business." The Aryan Brotherhood has carried out contract killings for the Mexican Mafia, but racist beliefs prevent members from consorting with African Americans, including even taking a cigarette or a candy bar from them.

Released or paroled members have smuggled money or drugs into prison, including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines. The creed by which the Brotherhood members operate under is:
"I will stand by my brother

My brother will come before all others
My life is forfeited should I fail my brother
I will honor my brother in peace and war"
They also live by the motto, "in for life and out by death."