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My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sarasota Home Invasion Suspect Delmer Smith's Girlfriend Michele Quinones Would Not Initially I.D. Smith After The Bar Fight At The Gay Nightclub in Venice.

Sarasota Home Invasion Suspect Delmer Smith's Girlfriend Michele Quinones Would Not Initially I.D. Smith After The Bar Fight At The Gay Nightclub in Venice.

 "Smith's Girlfriend Michele Quinones Did Not Initially I.D. Smith After The Bar Fight At The Gay Nightclub in Venice, if the investigating Venice Police officer had not run the license plate of the vehicle that DJ Michele Quinones was putting her sound equipment into, Delmer Smith could have still been on the run".

Federal authorities said the bar fight violated Smith’s probation for a 1995 bank robbery conviction, for which he was released in September 2008. The federal warrant led Venice police and Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office deputies to a storage bin used by Smith that held property stolen from four violent attacks on women in their homes, including the rape of two of the women.

Smith is also a suspect in an as many as seven more similar home invasion attacks in Sarasota and Manatee counties, including the beating death of a woman in her home. He has also not been ruled out as a suspect in the killing of Kathleen Briles in her Terra Ceia home, according to Manatee sheriff’s officials.

Law enforcement touted the arrest of Smith in the Venice bar fight during which police say he broke bones in the victim’s face, setting off the investigation that eventually led to the DNA match. For 37-year-old Michele Quinones, Smith’s girlfriend at the time, the bar fight presented a violent side of her boyfriend she had never seen. The brawl also led her to realize her boyfriend was a federal ex-convict.

Quinones said she met Smith nearly a year ago while he was working a construction-related job, which he later lost to layoffs. Smith continued to leave their North Port home everyday claiming to be doing odd jobs such as pressure washing or radio installation, Quinones said. Authorities would later say some days Smith spent his time breaking into women’s homes, beating and sometimes raping them. It was a revelation in stark contrast to the boyfriend Quinones knew.

“He would buy me flowers for no reason and put them in my trunk and tell me he forgot something and could I go get it and I would find the flowers,” she said. “We did fun things together. We went fishing. I don’t know Delmer Smith the man they showed on the news. I know him as D. He was kind to me.” But it was during the bar fight that Quinones was first startled by Smith’s rage.

Ex-con Delmer Smith III was living at Bobko Circle in North Port Fl when he was arrested after a bar fight at a Venice Gay bar, "Tavern on the Island", on Aug. 14, located at 127 E. Tampa Ave. A company headed up by Tammy and Mike Vellucci opened up the gay nightclub, "Tavern on the Island", in Venice, the company is "The Venice Trust" and, according to corporate records on file with the state of Florida, is headquartered in Warwick, RI.

Tavern on the Island, located at 127 E. Tampa Avenue, opened their doors for business on December 31, 2007. The gay nightclub, "Tavern on the Island", in Venice advertises as such online, see link here, TOTI - Tavern on the Island :: :: Gay Guide to Florida.

Delmer Smith III was a frequent patron at the gay nightclub, "Tavern on the Island", but nobody would I.D. him, "Other patrons in the bar stated that the culprit in the bar fight (Smith) was a frequent customer, however, none came forward to identify him, the Venice police officer was informed that Smith was a friend or boyfriend of the deejay (Quinones). The Venice police office then spoke to Quinones in an attempt to learn Smith's identity, Quinones denied knowing Delmer Smith . Delmer Smith's girlfriend Michele Quinones, 37, is/was the DJ at the Venice Gay bar, "Tavern on the Island",.

Patrons at the "Tavern on the Island", identified Delmer Smith III as a frequent customer as per the Venice police report of the Aug. 14 bar fight. During the Venice police investigation of the bar fight on Aug. 14 , Michele Quinones was observed putting away her sound equipment in a 2000 Chevrolet SUV with Fl tag # M406CX, this vehicle is registered to Delmer Smith III, Michele Quinones denied again knowing Delmer Smith III to the police. When confronted with the information of who was the owner of the 2000 Chevrolet from Florida DMV records, Michele Quinones admitted that Delmer Smith III was her boyfriend and she contacted him by telephone to come back to the Tavern on the Island, he did and he was detained.

“D was asked to stop filming a guy’s girlfriend and he snapped and just hit the guy in the face,” Michele Quinones said. “Delmer is a big guy. The guy he hit was my size, which is much smaller than him.” When Smith went to the jail on the felony battery charge stemming from the fight, Quinones began looking through his belongings and discovered he had been in federal prison and believed he was still married.

“I threw him out of my house,” she said. Quinones said she is just glad Smith is behind bars. Ironically, she did a background check on Smith when she met him, but nothing came up in Florida and she says she could not afford a $60 national background check.

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“I wish I did. I’m just glad he’s going back to prison where he can’t do this to anyone again,” she said, more from this source.........