Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hard Drinking Neil Mohamed Husani Still in Amman Jordan, Husani Left a Trail of DUI's, Felony convictions, Domestic Violence Charges, Probation Violation and Oh Yeah, He Scammed Sarasota Banks Out of $82.8 Million in Cash !

Hard Drinking Neil Mohamed Husani Still in Amman Jordan, Husani Left a Trail of DUI’s, Felony convictions, Domestic Violence Charges, Probation Violation and Oh Yeah, He Scammed Sarasota Banks Out of $82.8 Million in Cash !

Neil Mohammad Husani, the real estate investor who ran off to Amman, Jordan, after allegedly masterminding one of the largest mortgage fraud schemes in Florida history, also was a frequent customer at Zoria’s restaurant in downtown Sarasota, dropping thousands of dollars each month for high-end meals with associates. “He was here five or six times a week and would stay for hours,” says Arthur Lopes, the owner and co-founder of Zoria’s restaurant in downtown Sarasota. “He did an awful lot of business out of here.”

Husani was flamboyant and presided over the bar area like a sultan. “He was a big tipper. That’s how people on the wait staff remembered him,” Lopes said. “I would say 90 percent of the staff knew him by name and he wouldn’t have to ask for anything. Food and drinks would simply be brought to him because the staff knew what he liked.” Husani often arrived at 3 p.m. and might stay until after 8. When the bar got too crowded, he and his entourage would move outside under the awning. Husani became so much a part of the Zoria’s scene that Lopes hired his girlfriend, Star Allen, to be a hostess.

From information obtained from the public records of the Sarasota County Clerk’s office and the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department it appears that Neil Mohamed Husani’s personal life was fueled with alcohol and violence.

The hard drinking Neil Mohamed Husani was arrested on a DUI charge, Jan 8th, 2004 at 2:37 AM while driving his 1995 black Porsche on Swift Rd in Sarasota, he was already on State of Florida Probation for stealing $14,000 in furniture in Manatee County during 2002. Neil Mohamed Husani was so drunk he had a hard time standing, he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were bloodshot and glazed and he dropped almost everything from his wallet looking for his drivers license, the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department had all of this on video tape. Neil Mohamed Husani should have been violated by his Parole Officer, but he tied up the Sarasota Courts with his DUI case (he pled innocent) until he fled Sarasota for Amman Jordan with $82.8 Million in Cash, the DUI case is still open.

On Jan 20th, 2004, Star Allen, his then girl friend, filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Neil Mohamed Husani citing his serious drinking problem, fits of rage when he was drunk and also citing Neil Mohamed Husani aka Neil Mohamed as a control freak who would fly into a rage when he observed her even talking to male co-workers. The case was voluntarily dismissed on Feb 2nd, 2004.

41 1993 TR 014930 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSAWI Defendant 08/17/1993
41 2001 CF 002067 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 08/16/2001
41 2001 CF 002062 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 08/16/2001
41 2001 CF 002065 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 08/16/2001
41 2001 SC 003154 MOHAMED, NEIL Defendant Small Claims 08/31/2001
41 2001 CF 002906 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 11/13/2001
41 2001 CF 003150 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 12/11/2001
41 2001 CF 003152 MOHAMED, NEIL HUSANI Defendant Felony 12/11/2001
41 2009 CA 003657 MOHAMED, NEIL Def. Mortgage Foreclosure 04/09/2009

SSN: 595-68-XXXX, Issued in Florida 1988
DOB: 11/20/1970

It turns out that Husani’s business dealings in Southwest Florida had been investigated by the FBI for years. Neil Mohamed Husani was in Amman, Jordan from at least the end of summer 2006. His mother-in-law, Kafaya Zahran, saw Husani entering the Holiday Inn in Amman, Jordan (Arab Bank has a branch near the Hotel) which is her hometown. Husani would not speak to her, so she confronted his brother, Waleed, demanding that Husani give her daughter a divorce. This was never done and the Divorce case was dismissed in Jan 2008 for lack of prosecution, he had filed.

Seven years ago, Neil Husani was so strapped for cash that he wrote bad checks, a crime he pleaded guilty to in circuit court in Manatee in 2002. The next year, 2003, he was placed on two years’ probation after pleading guilty to stealing $14,000 in furniture from a vendor who supplied Husani’s Palmetto furniture store.

Husani started using slightly different names that involved changes in order or spelling in 2001. He would be “Neil Hussani” in one document and “Neal Mohamed” in another. The name changes helped Husani to hide his past, but trouble followed him and his financial woes persisted. In October 2002, Gwendolyn Newbloom sued Husani in circuit court in Hillsborough County, claiming that he was trying to cheat her out of buying an Apollo Beach apartment. Husani told Newbloom he owned the Apollo Beach apartment and there were no liens or encumbrances on it, the suit says. But after she signed the contract to buy the apartment and made a $12,500 deposit, she discovered that Husani did not own it and the actual owner had not kept up to date with mortgage payments.

According to a 44-page indictment, between May 2004 and June 2006, Neil Mohamed Husani defrauded Orion Bank, Mercantile Bank, Bank Atlantic, Coast Bank, Fifth/Third Bank, Wachovia Bank and First State Bank.

How much of the millions in cash that Neil Mohamed Husani ripped off from the Banks in Sarasota Fl is now in the “Arab Bank ” in Amman Jordan supporting terrorism !

Arab Bank PLC, one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, will pay a $24 million civil fine for allegedly inadequate controls against money laundering at its New York branch, U.S. regulators announced in 2005.
The “Arab Bank” in Amman Jordan with $32 billion in assets and operations in 30 countries, has been sued in the United States by relatives of bombings in Israel who allege that it supported terrorism by funneling donations to Palestinian suicide bombers and their families. Families of about 40 U.S. citizens killed in attacks in Israel sued Arab Bank of Amman Jordan in federal court in New York last year, accusing it of channeling money to Palestinian terrorist groups and of making insurance payments to beneficiaries of suicide bombers.

The plaintiffs also allege that the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development used Arab Bank’s New York branch to transfer money to Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization blamed for dozens of attacks in Israel. The U.S. government has accused the Holy Land Foundation of funneling more than $12 million to Hamas.

Muslim commercial real estate flipper Neil Mohamed Husani, who almost single handedly triggered an economic downturn in Sarasota Fl and jeopardized several Sarasota banks, is now living the high life in Amman Jordan with his scammed Sarasota millions of dollars sitting in the terrorist linked “Arab Bank” !

Investigators are still waiting for Neil Mohamed Husani to be extradited from Amman Jordan (good luck). Neil Mohamed Husani, 38, formerly of Sarasota and owner and principal officer of Capital Force Inc., which bought and sold commercial real estate in Sarasota and Manatee counties.