Friday, September 11, 2009

Swedish Former Guantánamo Prisoner Mehdi Muhammad Ghezali Arrested in Pakistan And Linked to Al-Qaeda, Again, So Much for Him Being Not Al-Qaeda.

Swedish Former Guantánamo Prisoner Mehdi Muhammad Ghezali Arrested in Pakistan And Linked to Al-Qaeda, Again, So Much for Him Being Not Al-Qaeda.

National News

One of the three Swedish citizens who last week where arrested in Pakistan is, according to public broadcaster SVT, Mehdi Ghezali, who for several years was imprisoned at the U.S. military base at Guantánamo Bay on Cuba,he was carrying a Swedish passport bearing the name Mehdi-Muhammed Ghezali. Ghezali reportedly was part of a group of 156 suspected al-Qaida fighters caught while fleeing Afghanistan’s Tora Bora mountains, Pakistani authorities arrested him in 2001.

According to reports in Pakistani media, the three Swedes were arrested together with seven Turks and one Russian, suspected for collaboration with the jihadist terror network al Qaida. According to SVT the three arrested Swedes have been taken to the Pakistan capital Islamabad. The 12 foreigners were arrested Aug. 28 in the town of Dera Ghazi Khan. Police said at the time they had allegedly sneaked in from Iran and were planning to travel to the tribal areas. One was carrying a laptop computer and $10,000.

In December 2001 the 30-year-old Ghezali was arrested in Pakistan, close to the border near the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan and was shortly thereafter handed over to U.S. military. Ghezali was released from the Guántanamo base in July 2004, without having been brought to justice. The United States never told what crimes he was a suspect of.

After returning to Sweden, Ghezali claimed to have been subjected to torture, but refused to answer any questions about why he had been in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistani authorities also have suspected Ghezali to have been involved in a prison uprising where 17 people were killed, this he has denied.

Gosta Hulten, the chairman of a Swedish activist group working for the release of prisoners from Guantanamo, told a local newspaper Ghezali’s father had told him he spoke to his son several days ago. “I spoke to Mehdi’s father a few hours ago. He said that Mehdi called a few days ago from Saudi Arabia where he has been on a pilgrim journey for several weeks (what a load of bull-crap),” Hulten, the chairman of the Guantanamo Group, was quoted as telling Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet

FROM THE ISLAMIC JIHAD PROPAGANDA WEBSITE CAGEPRISONERS....Mehdi Muhammad Ghezali was born in 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. His father is Algerian and his mother is Finnish. He grew up in the Swedish town of Orebro. He had a promising career as a footballer ahead of him before being captured. The Swedish prisoner's father, Halima Ghezali, interviewed by telephone from Orebro, Sweden, said his son, Mehdi, went to Pakistan to study Islamic jurisprudence before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. "He had no contact with the Taliban," Mr. Ghezali said. "He is not Al Qaeda." Swedish intelligence officials who had visited him in Guantanamo told his father that they did not believe Mehdi was involved in any improper behavior or any connection to any illegal groups. "So why is he there so long?" Mr. Ghezali said. ALL AMERICAN LIES THEY SITE..................