Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rima Salha Host Of "Death Industry" in Dubai Exposes al-Qaeda And Receives Death Threats, Christian Rima Salha must be decapitated.

Rima Salha Host Of "Death Industry" in Dubai Exposes al-Qaeda And Receives Death Threats, Christian Rima Salha must be decapitated.

FOX NEWS...Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Popular Arab TV Program Exposes the Real Al Qaeda. The show is called "Death Industry" in Arabic, hardly the way Al Qaeda probably wants itself described.But that is how the powerful pan-Arabic satellite channel Al Arabiya casts the terror organization and its foot soldiers in its popular television program. Hosted by female correspondent Rima Salha, the Dubai-based show is heading into its third year on Al Arabiya and aims to influence how the Arab world views Al Qaeda.

For her work, Salha, who is Lebanese, gets death threats, including when Osama bin Laden's number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, singled the show and Al Arabiya out, by weaving video of both into one of his multi-media diatribes against mass media. Al Rashed said that the video made "a lot of problems for Al Qaeda," because "they have different factions within Al Qaeda."

Rima Salha, a Dubai-based Lebanese TV journalist, is accused of being a “Christian crusader”, a “sister of the Jews”, a "bitch" and fair game for the mujahideen (holy warriors). Her transgression: hosting the weekly Sinaat Al Mawt (Death Industry) show on Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV. She blasted terrorist groups for using violence against civilians to achieve their political ends.

Killing her is very permissive. But we should deform her face with iron and leave her in regret as she looks at herself in the mirror first. Email attack on Rima Salha.

Rima, the anchor of the Friday programme that deals with terrorism, is the first Arab TV host to tackle the global dilemma of terrorism in her hour-long programme, beamed across the world. Hate mail has swamped her company e-mail. Numerous websites also contain threats to Rima. More than a dozen of her colleagues have already died chasing stories in conflict-torn areas.

Describing Al Arabiya channel as a Jewish tool, the websites are held by a common thread. “Christian Rima must be decapitated,” one website announced. “Al Arabiya is being attacked by different groups linked to extremists. They have aired direct death threats to me. The last one I received was a week ago.”

Though Rima has been a journalist for 14 years, this is the first time she has had to live with such threats. Rima gained prominence from her Arabic satellite TV stints with Al Jazeera and Al Hurra before moving to Al Arabiya as a newscaster and presenter of "Death Industry", which is now putting her life in danger.

She said: “The media is a profession wrought with difficulties. It is a road full of thorns but I choose to walk on it. “Not only are politicians and authorities subjected to terrorism but journalists and civilians as well.”

Death Industry tries to shed light on the devastating phenomenon of terrorism. The programme tackles terror from different angles – providing insights and analyses from religious, social, economics and political scholars in the Arab world – to provide explanations for these violent actions. Rima explained: “Terrorism is illegal violence, as it targets innocent people to achieve a political objective. Terrorists who are acting under the name of Islam are killing civilians without thinking.”

Extremists engaging in terrorism, she argues, defame the image of Islam and Arabs who reject and criminalise these inhuman actions. “ There is what we call now ‘Islamophobia’ worldwide. But in reality, terrorism knows no religion, sect or nationality. “

“A person who accepts the concept of terrorism or agrees with random violence is not normal. Even thinking of being a victim to terrorism is not normal.” Rima insists her programme is objective and balanced as it talks about terrorism not only in the Arab countries but worldwide. “I invite many of these ‘Islamic’ extremists to the programme to reveal their beliefs and concepts. Our programme doesn’t only refer to Al Qaida as the source of terrorism, but also to different ‘Islamic’ extremists.

"We are talking about all shapes and kinds of terrorism as the programme tackles the US policy and the Guantanamo issue. “We are not doing anything wrong. We are defending the sanctity of Islam and humanity,” she added, referring to the programme’s battle cry: ‘Together we make our life.’ Rima believes there is a big difference between resistance and terrorism. The first is a legal right, while the latter is impossible to legitimise.

“Man’s fate is determined by God, but terrorists are trying to terminate people’s lives in an inhuman way.” The presenter is accustomed to violence, witnessing the painful and catastrophic costs of the sectarian war in Lebanon as she grew up. Since then, she has made it her personal mission to reveal how these kinds of violence target civilians to achieve political and tactical advantages.

Nasser Al Sarami, head of media at Al Arabiya, said people who reject the programme’s concept are cowards sending anonymous threats to Al Arabiya. “We have taken all security measures to protect Rima’s life,” he said.

Rima under attack;
Following are English translations of comments posted on websites or e-mailed to Al Arabiya against Rima Salha, host of the Arabic weekly show Sinaat Al Mawt (Death Industry).

“She is a Muslim by name, but more than Christian in practice!”

“Here’s a call to our Muslim brothers.
Let’s kills this presenter. She’s available in the UAE. And our brothers can find more details about her through the website or watching over the TV channel’s offices”

Christian Rima should be decapitated

“This evil criminal devoted herself and her life
to distort the image of mujahideen, especially Al Qaida. So where is Al Mujahideen to get rid of her?”
“Muslims, be optimistic!
The head of this bitch is not difficult to get. Put your confidence in Allah and do it!”

“She is hysterical and obsessed with Al Qaida” “She is the enemy of God”