Monday, September 07, 2009

ORLANDO SENTINEL Death Poll: Return Christian girl Rifqa Bary to her Ohio Muslim family?

Poll: Return Christian girl Rifqa Bary to her Ohio Muslim family (and possible certain death)?

Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, says she became a Christian and fled Ohio to stay with an Orlando pastor’s family because her father vowed to kill her for converting. Should she be sent back to her own family?  As of Monday 9/07/09, 35% or 1,108 people have voted yes or maybe to send Rifqa Bary back to Columbus Ohio and her fate of a very possible "Honor Killing", in the Orlando Sentinel "Death" Poll.   Columbus Ohio was the home base for the largest Al-Qeda cell in the USA prior to 9/11/01.  Columbus Ohio and a radical Muslim Mosque were the home to the "Kindheat Charity" that funded Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks, do you really think Rifqa Bary stands a chance ?

Yes. Kids who run away tell fibs all the time to justify leaving. There’s no evidence her family would kill her. (661 responses) ...20.8% Send her Back.

No. If there’s any chance at all that she is telling the truth, whoever returns her will have to answer for anything bad that happens to her. (2069 responses) ....65.1%

Maybe. Florida and Ohio should thoroughly check out her family first. (447 responses)..14.1% Maybe send her back.

3177 total responses  (Results not scientific)

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