Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Najibullah Zazi and his Queens Al-Qaeda Cell Plotted 9 Backpack Bombs Intended For The NY Subway System And Elsewhere To Kill “As Many People As Possible”.

Najibullah Zazi and his Queens Al-Qaeda Cell Plotted 9 Backpack Bombs Intended For The NY Subway System And Elsewhere To Kill “As Many People As Possible”.

The terror plot unearthed after raids on three Queens homes involved operatives detonating nine explosives-laden backpacks to kill “as many people as possible.” “They were going to blow up several places simultaneously and take out as many people as possible — a large number of people,” a federal law-enforcement official said.

Empty backpacks were among the evidence seized from one of the Flushing apartments raided by a NYPD-FBI team Monday. Authorities also removed computers, cell phones and other material. No explosives were found.

The predawn raids were sparked by the reappearance in New York City of an al-Qaeda associate who’d gotten top-level training in bomb-making at a Pakistani terrorist camp, sources said. Najibullah Zazi was schooled in demolitions and military tactics along with several other men; all eventually settled in Queens, according to the sources.

But when Zazi got wind that he was being watched, he hightailed it back to Aurora, Colo., where he now lives, although he was shadowed on the plane by FBI agents. Now, feds are virtually monitoring Zazi’s every move, phone call and computer stroke, the sources said, more from this source………

Zazi, an Afghan national, said he’s a hardworking airport shuttle driver who is married and lives with his elderly parents in the suburb. “I didn’t know anything about who was following me,” Zazi told the Daily News of reports he is under surveillance by the FBI. He confirmed he drove to New York last week to visit friends, but he denied being part of any Al-Qaeda bomb plot or terror cell.

“No. Of course, I’m not a terrorist,” the bearded and barefoot Zazi told The News in the doorway of his Aurora apartment, refusing to reveal more details of his trip to New York. Zazi was stopped at the George Washington Bridge on his way into the city, sources told The News. Authorities later seized his rental car from a Queens street, sources said. In the car, sources said the feds found documents and papers about bomb-making and bombs. The massive federal response was “an indication of just how serious a threat they see this as,” said Frances Townsend, a former counterterrorism adviser to ex-President George W. Bush, more from this source .

Monday’s FBI and Homeland Security intelligence warning, issued to police departments nationwide, listed clues that could tip off police to peroxide-based bombs, such as people with burn marks on their hands, faces or arms; foul odors coming from a room or building; and large industrial fans or multiple window fans.

The warning, obtained by the AP, also said that the homemade explosive materials can be hidden in backpacks, suitcases or plastic containers. Zazi’s attorney, Arthur Folsom, said Zazi contacted him immediately after hearing from his friends in New York that their homes had been raided. “Given some of the course that has happened in this country in recent years, he was more worried that he would be swooped into the back of a van and that he wouldn’t be able to speak to a lawyer or family,” Folsom said. “I told him our government doesn’t have that policy any more,” more from this source……..

From private investigator’s Bill Warner post, Thursday, July 23, 2009, Long Island NY Traitor and Muslim Convert Bryant Neal Vinas aka “Bashir al-Amreki” Gave Al Qaeda Info On NY City Subways, LIRR.

A Long Island man confessed to feeding Al Qaeda information about New York’s subways and LIRR trains, triggering last year’s Thanksgiving Eve Subway terror alert, the feds say.Bryant Neal Vinas, 26, the son of South American immigrants and a convert to Islam, was captured in November in Pakistan after he joined in a rocket attack on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, according to court papers unsealed Wednesday.

He confessed his treason almost immediately and began cooperating, offering information of potentially great value because he had met with high-level operational leaders, sources said. The court papers unsealed Wednesday said Vinas provided “expert advice and assistance” derived from his “specialized knowledge” of New York’s subways and the Long Island Rail Road.

Vinas’ hometown of Patchogue is the same middle-class community that produced Lt. Michael Murphy the Navy SEAL who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Vinas began attending a mosque in Selden, L.I., and dressing in Islamic garb, but never explained his conversion to his Peruvian-born father. Vinas began spending time away from home, he told his father he attended a mosque and community center about eight miles away in Selden, the Islamic Association of Long Island , 10 Park Hill Dr, Selden, NY‎, a former FBI counter-terrorism official said suspected extremists had been identified at the mosque.

The NY subway system has been and will be a target of Al-Qaeda. The following events give credence to the need for a vibrant intelligence program that uniquely addresses the counter terrorism security equities of New York City. Each of them inextricably link New York City and terrorism in the post- September 11 period, mostly to members of Al-Muhajiroun.

UPDATE 8/15/07 NYPD TERROR REPORT, TERRORIST PLOT TO BOMB NEW YORK SUBWAY SYSTEM—The New York Daily News, citing unidentified police sources, reported that at least one of the suspects may be a member of the Islamic terrorist group HAMAS. The federal complaint said that one of the terrorists, Abu Mezer, had claimed in an application for political asylum in the United States that he had been arrested in Israel for allegedly “being a member of a known terrorist organization. Sources say that what was found in the apartment was four pipe bombs wired together with a hobbyist toggle switch.

The Media Anthrax Case: October 2001 —In the space of a week, employees and visitors of the New York Post, NBC, CBS and ABC News in New York City were victim to anthrax attacks. A woman at another Manhattan location died of inhalation anthrax through cross contamination of the mail.

The Iyman Faris case: late 2002/early 2003 —Al Qaeda operative Iyman Faris, on orders from Khalid Sheik Mohammed (mastermind behind September 11, 2001), twice examined the Brooklyn Bridge to evaluate the feasibility of destroying it. Deterred in part the NYPD’s high visibility policing, Faris reported that the “weather is too hot,” meaning security was too tight to carry out the attack. He is serving 20 years in prison for conspiring against targets including the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Subway Cyanide Plot: February 2003 —An arrest of a jihadist in Saudi Arabia revealed computer records of a plot to attack the New York City subway system using hydrogen cyanide in dispersal canisters. Surveillance of the subway stations had previously been undertaken.

Iranian Agent Reconnaissance: 2003-2004 —On three occasions security personnel from Iran’s Mission conducted surveillance of New York City landmarks and infrastructure including bridges and the subway system leading into Manhattan. The U.S. Government and the NYPD are concerned that they were building “off the shelf” reconnaissance of New York targets in advance of any future attacks against New York by terrorists supported by Iran, such as Hezbollah. This would replicate Iranian action prior to the 1994 bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires where 85 persons were killed.

The Mohammed Babar Case: April 2004 —An Al Qaeda operative was arrested by NYPD detectives and FBI agents in Queens, New York for his role in a plot to bomb pubs, restaurants, and train stations in London (they since have flipped him). He had been a member of a radical organization which still exists in the New York City area (Al-Muhajiroun). He was also linked to the Masjid al-fatima aka Islamic Center of Queens SEE VIDEO HERE, and has testified against 5 Uk terrorists who planned to bomb a disco, they were all convicted. Mohammed Junaid Babar is currently testifying in a UK courtroom against 3 more terrorist pals.

The Citigroup/Stock Exchange Case: July 2004 —A laptop commuter of an Al Qaeda operative is recovered containing detailed reconnaissance plans —a prerequisite for attack— of the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup headquarters in mid-town Manhattan.

Dhiren Barot, aka Aba Esi al-Hindi was convicted Nov. 7, 2006 in London and sentenced to life in prison for his role in plotting the destruction of London hotels, in addition to New York financial institutions, he is linked to al-Muhajiroun and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

The Herald Square Case: August 2004 —Shahawar Matin Siraj (Al-Muhajiroun) and James Elshafay were arrested for plotting to bomb the 34th Street and Sixth Avenue Subway station, located just a block away from Madison Square Garden, where the 2004 Republican National Convention was to be held. He is linked to the Mosque in Queens and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

The Uzair Paracha Case: November 2005 —Uzair Paracha, a Pakistani-born resident of New York City, was convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda. Paracha’s father, who knew Bin Laden, was part owner in a Manhattan garment district business. It is believed that Paracha’s ultimate goal was to use that business’s shipping containers (Newark NJ) to smuggle weapons or explosives into New York City, he links to Aafia Siddiqui.

The Tariq Shah Case and Dr. Sabir of Boca Raton FL: May 2006 —Tariq Shah, a Bronx resident and martial arts expert, was indicted for providing material support to Al Qaeda. Shah had conspired to provide martial arts and hand-to-hand combat with weapons training to Al Qaeda.

The Syed Hashmi Case: June 2006 —Syed Hashmi, a Queens resident active in the New York City chapter of a radical Islamic group known as al-Mujairoun, was arrested in London where he was engaged in providing material support for Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan. He is directly linked to the Masjid A-Fatima Mosque aka Islamic Center of Queens and to Mohammed Junaid Babar.

Path/Ground Zero Case: July 2006 —Lebanon authorities arrested a principal in a plot to attack the PATH subway linking New Jersey to Lower Manhattan and to blow up the retaining wall at Ground Zero at the former World Trade Center site in an effort to flood lower Manhattan.With this operational environment in mind, the NYPD leadership has taken steps to assure that New York City’s post-September 11, 2001 counter terrorism and security interests were pursued thoughtfully and aggressively. Most important, it has been a well informed program thanks in large measure to its intelligence investigative, information gathering and analysis efforts.

Arrest of Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, a/k/a “Michael Mixon,” Feb. 2007 on attempt charges of terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering; Alishtari, a 53-year-old resident of Ardsley, New York, facilitated the transfer of $152,000 with the intention that it be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help train terrorists. Specifically, in the latter half of 2006, Alishtari accepted payment to discreetly transfer these funds, believing that they were earmarked for Pakistan and Afghanistan terror training camps.

The NYPD does a terrific job in keeping NYC safe, the undercurrent of an impending terrorist attack, attributed to members of al-Muhajiroun underscores the need for increased surveillance and tactics to deter those who intend to inflict mass causalities in the Manhattan area.