Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Sarasota Fl a "Cougar Town", Oh yeah, A Cougar May Be Married or Unmarried, and Some Even Go After Their Daughters' Boyfriends.

Is Sarasota Fl a "Cougar Town", Oh yeah, A Cougar May Be Married or Unmarried, and Some Even Go After Their Daughters' Boyfriends.

Newsday REASON FOR WATCHING: Courtney Cox in one of the season's buzzier new shows. WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Divorced from loser Bobby (Brian Van Holt), Jules Cobb (Cox) is ready to get back in the game. But "single guys our age are broke or gay or chasing younger girls," she confides to pal Laurie (Busy Philipps)....’Cougar Town’ is perhaps one of the worst network sitcom’s ever produced, top ten of stupidity.

CHICAGO – There are major chunks of ABC’s very disappointing “Cougar Town” with Courteney Cox that resemble a stand-up comedian so eager to please that you can see the desperate flop sweat forming on their brow as joke after joke hit the floor with a thud. More pathetically manic than honestly funny, it’s the writing on the weakest part of the network’s entirely new Wednesday night line-up that lets down its talented star.

In Sarasota, the women may be found at more upscale restaurants and bars, such as Hyde Park Steak House, Ceviche, Libby's Cafe & Bar, and New York, New York, or the Beach Club on Siesta Key."There are lots of divorced women or widows who are out there looking," said one waitress at a Hillview Street restaurant. Because of our entertainment, our piano bar, we attract a slightly more mature audience. I'm not sure I would use the word "cougar" per se, but we do get a lot of women in their late 30s, 40s and early 50s," said Art Rice, manager of New York, New York, more from this source....

So does Sarasota Fl fit the supposed image of a 'cougar town', well from a recent Friday night doing surveillance sitting at the corner of Osprey and Hillview Ave in Sarasota watching an errant wife out on the town with her gal pals, the cougar packs were out in force roaming from bar to bar on the prowl.

Libby's Cafe & Bar, New York, New York, the Pacific Rim and the 5 O'clock Club are ground central for the Cougar packs of 3 to 5 felines who arrive in their BMW's or Mercedes, park on HIllview, and then make the rounds on foot. Just recently I followed a married fortyish Cougar from Libby's to Mattison’s City Grill on Main St for a short stay and from there she left by herself at around 11:00 pm, drove to a nearby dance club/nightclub where she parked her BMW in the no parking zone, directly in front of the building, (while a nearby Sarasota cop watched) got on her cell phone and after a brief conversation a tall man in his mid 20's came out of the nightclub got in her car and off they went.

The most commonly-accepted definition of a cougar is a woman 40 years of age or older who exclusively pursues very young men. The onset of the cougar years is hotly debated. Some feel that a cougar can be as young as 35, but women of this age would not be viewed as cougars unless their sexual conquests were no older than 25; the ten-year age difference seems to be an unspoken but accepted minimum between partners.

Typically, cougars prey upon men almost young enough to be their sons. Thus forty-something cougars would be attracted to men in their 20s, and fifty-something cougars would pursue men in their 30s and so on. Some cougars are less interested in a relationship than a sexual conquest, perhaps enjoying the fact that they are physically appealing to men who are considered to be in the prime of their virility.

A cougar may be married or unmarried, and some even go after their daughters' boyfriends.
One of the major hangouts in Cougar Town for the gals on the prowl was "Khrome" at 1120 N. Washington Blvd Sarasota, that is before it's owner was arrested on drug trafficking, money laundering and extortion charges.


TAMPA – A federal jury relied on overwhelming evidence to convict Sarasota businessman Daniel Prewett of federal drug charges of Trafficking In Cocaine and money laundering charges, Prewtt Ran his cocaine operation out of his “front” an accounting firm at 5777 Beneva Rd Sarasota Fl during regular office hours, Prewett was the “main guy” in the Sarasota Cocaine powder Business.

A confidential informant (CI) for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recorded video of a meeting with Sarasota businessman Daniel Prewett about laundering $100,000 in supposed drug money. On the video, Prewett tells the confidential informant to write down his full name on a form. “Felipe,” the informant says. “You know, no full names.”

Later on the tape, Luciano Angrilli, the manager at Prewett’s two nightclubs (Khrome and Ecstasy), tells the confidential informant (CI) about the benefits of Costa Rica and laundering the money through a loan. The confidential source then has an undercover agent bring in the $100,000 cash and tells Prewett he will go the loan route. Daniel Prewett, 58, former owner of Jackson Hewitt tax franchises and two Sarasota nightclubs, got a federal prison term of 16 years and is currently in the Fort Dix NJ facility . Prewett also wired $80,000 to an undercover bank account so Luciano Angrilli, a man who ran his nightclubs, could buy 10 kilograms of cocaine from undercover agents.

SARASOTA — Three men met at the Ritz-Carlton to talk business — the sale of several kilos of cocaine, and a way to launder drug money to leave no trace of the crime — according to federal court records. An informant tells federal agents Daniel Prewett is involved in selling cocaine and ecstasy at two nightclubs he owns, Khrome and Ecstasy. Two informants, posing as drug dealers, offer to sell cocaine to the manager of the two clubs, Luciano Angrilli, at the Sarasota Ritz-Carlton. An undercover DEA agent delivers $100,000 of supposed drug money to Prewett two times, and both times Prewett wires $90,000 to an undercover DEA account from an account belonging to J.H. Investment Services, Inc.. Angrilli was arrested on drug possession charges when he went to a commercial storage warehouse to load the cocaine into his trunk.

Luciano Angrilli plead guilty to conspiracy to possess cocaine in March of 2008 but never showed up for sentencing in which he faced more than 10 years in prison, federal prosecutors said. “He pled and fled,” Assistant U.S. Attorney James Muench told a federal judge. “I’m guessing he’s in Italy, the office does not know if Angrilli left the country — or if he left the country at all.