Friday, September 25, 2009

How al Qaeda's stateside operations are killing our troops in Iraq, "The Terrorists Among Us: Al Qaeda's Car Bomb Ring in America."

How al Qaeda's stateside operations are killing our troops in Iraq

by Fred Edwards;

Mohammed Atta, one of the ringleaders of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was a used car salesman before being recruited to become a suicide pilot. Although the following about al Qaeda's smuggling ring in the United States may be a coincidence, read on to see how bizarre this used car operation would be if it wasn't true.

During a March intelligence conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., several speakers explained how al Qaeda and Hezbollah have infiltrated America's homeland. Then on March 7, John J. Loftus, the summit organizer, and Bill Warner held a keynote session titled "The Terrorists Among Us: Al Qaeda's Car Bomb Ring in America."

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They explained that al Qaeda's smuggling operation actually consists of three types of vehicles: luxury cars, certain SUV models, and junkers. Al Qaeda agents ship them to their destinations through almost every major U.S. port, -- and, according to the speakers, it's happening today. Here are the details.

How to launder a luxury car. First you get a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a demolished high-end vehicle in an American junkyard. Next you steal an unblemished car of the same make, model, and color. You take it to an al Qaeda lot or chop shop and transfer the VIN from the wrecked vehicle. Finally you ship it overseas as a legitimately titled vehicle.

When it arrives in, say, Saudi Arabia, it's sold as an ordinary, legal luxury car, and the profits go to al Qaeda. But is there any money in it? You bet. There's no real overhead to steal the car, so if it costs $2,000 to ship it and the vehicle sells for $40,000, al Qaeda nets $38,000. That's just one vehicle. Think of a half-dozen or more major American ports and do the math, more from this source...............

AL-QAEDA’S CAR BOMB RING IN AMERICA, BY PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER. Keynote Speech: John Loftus and Bill Warner “The Terrorists Among US: Al-Qaeda’s Car Bomb Ring in America”, The Stolen Cars of Al Qaeda.

How a Private Detective in Florida discovered a new global terrorist connection Written by Atty. John Loftus,  , research by Bill Warner WBI Inc Terrorism Research Ctr. , international analysis by .

John Loftus the president of the Intelligence Summit and Bill Warner gave the speech at the Intelligence Summit meeting on March 7th, 2007 in St. Petersburg Fl, it is public record.

Claude Salhani of UPI News reported that the only bright spot at the Intelligence Summit meeting in St. Pete Florida was Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner’s expose of the Stolen cars of Al-Qaeda, see click here.