Sunday, September 20, 2009

Al-Qaeda Agent Najibullah Zazi And His Father Muhommed Zazi Arrested By the FBI In Connection To New York City Subway Bomb Plot.

Al-Qaeda Agent Najibullah Zazi And His Father Muhommed Zazi Arrested By the FBI In Connection To New York City Subway Bomb Plot.

Federal agents took the man at the center of an FBI terrorism probe into custody at his apartment in Aurora late Saturday night. Najibullah Zazi and his father Muhommed Zazi, 53, were led away in handcuffs and arrested.

CBS4 News has learned that while the charges against the two men involve allegations of lying to federal agents, a possible terrorist plot is spelled out in arrest affidavit. It describes several individuals in the United States and Pakistan engaged in a plot to detonate improvised explosive devices inside the United States.

It says handwritten notes were transferred in image files to the computer of Najibullah Zazi. The notes contain formulas and instructions on building bombs.The two men will spend the weekend in jail before their initial court appearance on Monday.

Najibullah Zazi had been scheduled to go to the Federal Building in Denver on Saturday for a fourth day of meetings with federal agents but a spokeswoman for Zazi's defense team said Zazi and his attorney contacted the FBI to cancel the meeting.

Zazi, a 24-year-old airport shuttle driver, has insisted he is not involved in terrorism and has no links to al-Qaida. He completed a third day of questioning Friday and was allowed to return to his suburban Denver apartment, more from this source.....

At least two more arrests related to the investigation were expected in New York City, CNN said, citing a source close to the investigation. The arrests came after Najibullah Zazi refused a fourth day of questioning by the FBI Saturday after three straight days of interrogation in Denver.

ABC News reported investigators had found Zazi's computer showed he had researched New York sites likely to be crowded with people, including baseball and football stadiums, as well as a recipe for making homemade bombs of the size and shape used in a 2005 attack on London subways. Sources told CNN Zazi also had videotapes of Grand Central Station.

The network quoted unnamed law enforcement officials as saying Zazi has admitted to FBI interrogators that he has ties to al-Qaida and has received explosives training at a terror camp in Pakistan. ABC said other men associated with Zazi, one in Denver and the other in New York, may be prosecuted. The other men were not identified. Unnamed officials quoted by ABC said Zazi had sent text messages suggesting an attack was imminent, more from this source.....

Najibullah Zazi had lived in the Queens section of New York on Parsons Blvd FLUSHING, NY 11354 (11/15/2007). A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing obtained by CBS News raises more questions about the 24-year-old Afghan national now at the center of a multi-state terror investigation.

The filing was made by Najibullah Zazi on March 26, 2009, in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of New York. It was officially discharged by Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth S. Stong just last month, on August 17, 2009. In his petition to the court, Zazi claimed a total of $51,491.11 in debts and just $2,400 in assets. He declared he was as “self-employed street vendor” with a monthly income of $800.

The filing lists 20 creditors - all for credit cards. The companies include Bank of America ($1,099), Capitol One ($4,162), Discover ($5,173), two cards from Chase ($1,365 and $3,974), and four cards from HSBC ($13,282 total). In the five months between April and August of 2008, Zazi opened up 15 separate revolving credit card accounts eventually racking up more than $38,000 worth of debt ($38,786) on those cards, more from this source.....

Najibullah Zazi appeared to be financing his NYC bomb plot with credit cards totaling $51,491.11 .