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Yousef Megahed Part of Tampa Terror Cell that Conducted Surveillance on the Howard Frankland Bridge, Tampa International Airport and the Florida Aquar

Yousef Megahed Part of Tampa Terror Cell that Conducted Surveillance on the Howard Frankland Bridge, Tampa International Airport and the Florida Aquarium.

FBI agents say Youssef Megahed may have been part of a terrorist cell that was dismantled before it could accomplish its goal, an FBI supervisor testified this morning at Megahed's deportation hearing.

FBI agent Frederick Humphries said the former University of South Florida student used his status as a legal permanent resident to acquire firearms for his friend Ahmed Mohamed, later convicted of helping terrorists. "It appeared this was a cell, a group of individuals who had come together," Humphries testified.

"It was very similar to other groups who are conducting preoperational activities. "We felt that Mr. Megahed was willingly providing assistance to Mr. Mohamed, an individual we now know is a self-professed terrorist," he said. Humphries testified that the arrest of Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed in South Carolina was "the detection and disruption of an event before it happened."

Government attorney Gina Garrett-Jackson asked Humphries, "Is it your opinion that Megahed poses a threat to the United States of America?""Yes," Humphries responded, "based on all of those things I explained in my previous testimony."The government maintains it need only prove that there are grounds for a reasonable belief that Megahed is involved in or likely to engage in terrorist activity.

Asked if there were such grounds, Humphries said, "Yes, based on all the actions I described in the previous, how many hours of testimony…because of his willingness to go along with a self-professed and now convicted terrorist."

He also testified about
Ahmed Ishtay, an associate of Megahed and Mohamed. Humphries said the FBI found video recordings in Ishtay's belongings that appeared to be surveillance of the Howard Frankland Bridge, Tampa International Airport and the Florida Aquarium. He said the recordings were similar to those made by terrorist groups in preparation for attacks. Ishtay, a citizen of Israel and the United States, hasn't been charged. He no longer is in the United States. Humphries said he and others in the FBI vigorously argued that Megahed, Mohamed and Ishtay should be charged with conspiracy. But Justice Department lawyers didn't believe there was enough evidence to meet the burden of proof in criminal court, he said. Humphries also identified another person he said was involved in the group, Karim Massaoui, a former University of South Florida student from Morocco who was later convicted of a weapons offense for holding a gun at a firing range in violation of his student visa and has since been deported. More..................
December 14, 2007 12:09 PM Remember the Goose Creek terrorists? Youssef Samir Megahed and Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, the two guys who keep smiling in every photo (mug shots, in court, et al.), were stopped by State Troopers in Goose Creek, South Carolina near a military installation, with pipe bombs in their trunk (which they claimed were "just fireworks" and barbecuing materials).

Well, as investigator Bill Warner points out, the New York FBI is heavily involved in the case. Why? The Tampa Tribune reported that there is now a third suspect, Moroccan national and University of South Florida student Karim Moussaoui, who was involved with the Smiling "Just Fireworks" terrorists, Megahed and Mohamed. He possessed a firearm, in violation of his visa and immigration status and on November 14, a federal criminal complaint was filed against him. Smiling "Just Fireworks" Terrorists Have Mysterious New York Ties.

As Bill Warner points out, the affidavit, signed by Tampa FBI Agent William Ortiz, accompanying the complaint notes that in August, Moussaoui told New York FBI Agents about his activities in July at a shooting range with Megahed:
On or about August 12, 2007,
MOUSSAOUI told New York FBI Agents that on one occasion, he and AHMED LNU (a person now known to the FBI as AHMED ISHTAY) went to a shooting range with YOUSSEF SAMIR MEGAHED. He claimed that MEGAHED went to the range but that MOUSSAOUI and AHMED remained in the store browsing. MOUSSAOUI told New York FBI Agents he did not see what type of weapon MEGAHED used on this visit to the range.

So why is the New York FBI office involved when the activities of all of three of these people, thus far disclosed, occurred in Florida and South Carolina.
Apparently, they have a strong tie to New York--either Muslim terrorists there or a terrorist attack planned for the area. What is the New York connection?
And who is Ahmed Ishtay a/k/a Ahmed Lnu? What is his role in this terrorist conspiracy?

Bill Warner points out that everyone's trying to minimize the third terrorist in this plot as just an innocent, green immigrant: Everybody is downgrading the arrest of Karim Moussaoui as no big deal, just some naive Moroccan playing with a .22 rifle at the Shooting Range, he did not know the "Fed Rules". Riiiight. Just an innocent Muslim Arab hangin' with two Muslim Arab terrorists at weapons training. Uh-huh. Nothing to see here. Move along.
**** UPDATE:
Bill Warner sends the smiling photo of Karim Moussaoui, the third Smiling Terrorist and notes that the Temptations, sang in their 1971 song, "Smiling Faces," sang:

Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes they don't tell the truth, Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies..... Stay tuned. We'll be watching. Posted by Debbie at December 14, 2007 12:09 PM .

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