Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where’s Whitey Bulger? FBI Looks to Florida West Coast as Prime Hunting Area.

Where’s Whitey Bulger? FBI Looks to Florida West Coast as Prime Hunting Area.

If, after 14 years on the run,
James “Whitey” Bulger’s moll Catherine Greig reconsiders standing by her man, the FBI will leave a light on. The charge of harboring a federal fugitive awaits Greig, 58, in Boston. But Richard Teahan, supervisory special agent in charge of the Bulger Task Force, said yesterday investigators are open to negotiating with the bottle-blond, plastic-surgery obsessed dental assistant and her family.“We’d welcome it,” Teahan said matter-of-factly.

Bulger, the FBI’s great white whale wanted for the serial murders of 19 men and women, turns 80 on Sept. 3. Despite a $2 million bounty on his head, the brother of former Senate President William Bulger has been an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive for the past decade.

The last confirmed witness sighting of the gangster who inspired the
Academy Award-winning Best Picture “The Departed” was in September 2002 at London’s Piccadilly Square.

“We’ve got some things going on right now that look good,” Teahan said, declining to elaborate. Teahan said this year has brought an “uptick” in
suspected sightings of Bulger in Florida. Teahan said the FBI receives approximately 30 tips a week on Bulger’s whereabouts. And while potential leads have come in from Jacksonville, Kissimmee and Clearwater, Fla. - the latter where Bulger had a vacation condo until the feds seized it. Bulger has passed himself off on foreign soil as a realtor. “He planned to flee and he planned for this.”

He stashed money all over the world, and he leaves no paper trail, paying only in cash. Based on intelligence, we have a strong picture of Bulger’s personality:

1). He is an avid reader who frequents libraries, an animal lover, and a fitness nut who takes long walks.

2). He is a history buff with a compulsive urge for collecting videotapes and books about World War II and Adolph Hitler.

3). He loves to travel, frequently visiting historic landmarks and museums, and has traveled widely in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada.

4). He is said to always carry a knife.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008,


Whitey Bulger aka Thomas Baxter (
NY drivers license) lactose intolerant, always wears ball cap with sun glasses, pays with cash $100 bills, drives big full size cars like the Mercury Grand Marquis, has safe deposit box's stashed with cash all over the USA, UK and Canada, he has used SSN 018-22-4149, DOB 9/03/1929, age 79 (very bad breath).

Aliases: Thomas F. Baxter, Mark Shapeton, Jimmy Bulger, James Joseph Bulger, James J. Bulger, Jr., James Joseph Bulger, Jr., Tom Harris, Tom Marshall, Ernest E. Beaudreau, Harold W. Evers, Robert William Hanson, "Whitey".

Bill Warner
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