Sunday, August 16, 2009

Private Detective And Sexy Decoy Investigate Cheaters, Catch Your Cheating Husband. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO

NEW YORK (CBS) ― "I'm an enticement. I let them know I'm available and I'm interested," said Laurie Mizrahi. "They think they're safe, but actually they're not because we're videotaping," said Andy Coppertino.

She's a sexy decoy, he's a retired cop. Both are private investigators. The target: spouses suspected of cheating. Infidelity allegations don't just plague the rich and famous, 22% of men and 13% of women admit to marital infidelity. "People hire me to confirm their hunches, to give them peace of mind," said Coppertino, who founded South Shore Investigations.

Coppertino does not plant secret listening bugs but he does use a camera. Not too long ago, the married man seen on this videotape was caught with his girlfriend after his wife hired Coppertino. Coppertino also catches cheating wives. In another videotape a married women is seen meeting her boyfriend at a Long Island Hotel where they spent the day.

But surveillance isn't always the answer. Enter the sexy decoy. "A decoy finds out if the guy is capable of cheating. Is he a player, as opposed to if he's having an affair," said Mizrahi, who's with Les Levine Investigations and does decoy work for Themis International. "The wife supplies the decoy with details about her husband, on their likes, their dislikes, something that will allow me to engage in a situation with him," explains Mizrahi.

The decoy can works anywhere: a bar, office, plane or train. And she works in not so mysterious ways. "Turn your body a certain way, listen to him, compliment him, it's easy enough to see if he'll respond," said Mizrahi. Private investigators say flirting doesn't mean a guy is going to cheat, so it's just step one of a decoy operation.

Step two, is finding out how far will the flirtation progress. "I started engaging in a conversation with him. He got very flirtatious with me and he asked me if I'd meet him for a drink at Peter Lugers, which I did," explains Mizrahi about a recent decoy operation.

The husband in a videotape from Themis International, was caught by a decoy. The decoy was wearing a concealed body camera when she walked right up to the car and found him in the back seat getting very physical with a girlfriend. "I think men are pretty dumb when they cheat. They're kind of oblivious, they're more in tune with what they're doing than who else is watching," said Mizrahi.

Bill Warner
private investigator