Sunday, August 02, 2009

Allegations of Female Prisoner Abuse at Lowell C.I. Florida, Prisoner Bernadette Gregory Commits Suicide, by private investigator Bill Warner

Allegations of Female Prisoner Abuse at Lowell Correctional Institution Florida, Prison Inmate Bernadette Gregory Dies in Apparent Suicide While Handcuffed On "Psych Watch" by private investigator Bill Warner.

Prison Inmate Bernadette Gregory Dies in Apparent Suicide at Lowell Correctional “Hell Hole” in Ocala Fl, She Hung Herself in Secure “Tango Dorm” Lockdown, she was handcuffed in the front and had been placed in a single cell unit with a bunk bed (one on top of the other) and a stainless steel toilet, there were cameras mounted on the wall to supervise her, but no one was watching.

A 42-year-old inmate at a state prison for women died last week in an apparent suicide. The Lowell Annex, part of the larger Lowell Correctional Institution, is north of Ocala. Bernadette Gregory was serving a 14-month sentence at the annex for robbery, according to records from the Department of Corrections and the Marion County court clerk.

Prison Inmate Bernadette Gregory had a history of psychotic episodes and suicide attempts even before she was placed in Lowell C.I. on a snatch an grab robbery with no weapon, she was doing 1 year and 2 months with a "get out of jail card" for January 26th 2010. It appears from information from a Confidential Informant that Prison Inmate Bernadette Gregory hung herself with a sheet from the bunk bed and from the top edge of the bunk bed, she was supposed to be on "psych watch"with cameras rolling.

There are allegations that some of the male correctional officers (CO's) at Lowell C.I. (of which about 65% are male) are using threats of loss of gain time to coerce the female inmates into sex acts in the bathroom areas. I am no advocate for prison reform nor do I have any objections to Florida Judges imposing the harshest and longest prison time to fit the crime, but when those empowered to watch over and care for the incarcerated females become predators running a "good ole boy CO network" within the prison, it is time for a full blown investigation.

There is much more to this story, to be continued........................

Bill Warner
private investigator