Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Saudi terror trials condemn 330 Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Saudi terror trials condemn 330 Al-Qaeda Terrorists.

A court in Saudi Arabia has issued verdicts, prosecutors say, in what is thought to be the first terrorism trial for al-Qaeda militants in the kingdom. Justice ministry officials say 330 people were found guilty, including one who was given a death sentence.

Al-Qaeda-linked militants launched a violent campaign to destabilise the absolute monarchy in 2003.The authorities launched an aggressive campaign to stamp it out, including extensive re-education programmes."

A specialised criminal court has recently issued several preliminary verdicts in cases of defendants in al-Qaeda and state security terrorism crimes," said a statement from the Bureau of Investigation and General Prosecution, carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The defendants can appeal. A spokesman quoted by AP news agency said the defendants had faced changes of belonging to "the deviant group", used to denote al-Qaeda.

They were accused of supporting and financing terrorism, going to areas of conflict to fight, and conspiracy to create chaos and disrupt security, More.....

Bill Warner
private investigator