Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sarasota Home Invasion On Holiday Drive Ain't the Guy the Joint Task Force Is Looking For Where Did He Go And Why ?

Sarasota Home Invasion On Holiday Drive Ain't the Guy the Joint Task Force Is Looking For Where Did He Go And Why ?

Victim's boyfriend charged in Sarasota home invasion, SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE - Deputies arrested two people and are looking for a third in connection with a June 26 home invasion robbery on Holiday Drive. Brandon S. Best, the victim’s boyfriend, drove the getaway car while two of his acquaintances Justin Bachner, 23, and Alyssa Harnisch, 22 put on masks and went into the house through the front door, according to arrest affidavits".

The Joint Task Force is made up of the Sarasota Police Department, the Sarasota Sheriff's Department, the FDLE, the Manatee Sheriff's Department, the Bradenton Police Dept. and the FBI. Their guy appears to have been responsible for at least 11 Sarasota/Bradenton Home invasions.

The attacker in the string of 11 Home Invasions in Sarasota and Bradenton Fl was not the 3 goofballs, Brandon Best, Justin Bachner and Alyssa Harnisch in the Sarasota Herald Tribune article above. The Sarasota perp has been described by victims as a white male, 5′10″ to 6′ 0″ tall, about 175 to 185 lbs, dark hair, speaks in street slang, some victims thought he was black by the way he talks, he wears a black ski mask, long sleeve shirts, gloves and has made statements that he robs to feed a crack cocaine habit, he has made no mistakes.

The attacker appears to be targeting mostly middle-aged women, who live alone, creeping into their homes or yards and sneaking up behind them. He strikes them in the head, usually binds them with cords or rope he finds in their homes, then beats them again as he grabs cash, credit cards, jewelry and electronics but robbery does not appear to be the motive.

It has been confirmed that a serial attacker of women is/was at large in the Sarasota Bradenton area who brutalizes his mostly female victims.

Usually in serial attacker cases like this, the Sarasota male perp would have recently moved into the area (Jan 2009) and had numerous prior address’s around the country, a drifter, he could possibly have no prior arrest record as he has gotten away with the same type of attacks in other parts of the country, so there would not be any match of DNA in any criminal database.

The Sarasota male perp would be single and living alone (loner no friends), he would be 35 to 53 years of age and he appears to work outside in the day time, working the Sarasota neighborhoods as he blends in.

All of the attacks in Sarasota occurred North of Clark Road aka Stickney Point Rd and South of Webber St and centered on Proctor Road.
Murdered Georgeann Smith on Jo-An Drive in Sarasota went to the Bee Ridge Baptist Church on Proctor Rd. I strongly feel that the Sarasota perp has access to information online as to who lives in the homes that he targets.

I was aware of an individual in the South Sarasota area who was found doing what appeared to be surveillance from his vehicle on an elderly woman who lived alone. I came upon this man on three separate occasion, all three times he was sitting in his vehicle watching a house that contained an elderly woman who lived alone, during daylight hours.

Two subsequent phone interviews with Detectives and one interview in my home led me to believe that this man had become a person of interest. This man matched the physical description, lived alone, had a job working the Sarasota neighborhoods where the attacks took place and abruptly left the Sarasota area at the end of May, to be continued, but hopefully not here.

Bill Warner
private investigator