Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jude Kenan Mohammad Arrested in Pakistan Flipped On Raleigh N.C. Crew of 7 Suicide Bombers, Sabrina Boyd Claims They Are "Just Family", Yeah Al-Qaeda

Jude Kenan Mohammad Arrested in Pakistan Flipped On Raleigh North Carolina Crew of 7 Would Be Suicide Bombers, Wife Sabrina Boyd Claims They Are "Just Family", Yeah Al-Qaeda, by Bill Warner.

Sabrina Boyd says North Carolina terror suspect charges unsubstantiated. Wife, Sabrina Boyd, says terror suspect part of ‘ordinary family’, (yeah Al-Qaeda !) Sabrina Boyd declared her continued faith in Islam. She called the United States a land of "kafirs" Arabic for infidels.

Investigators arrested seven men involved in the group Monday, accusing them of military-style training at home and plotting terrorist attacks abroad. The indictment names Daniel Patrick Boyd, 39, as the group's ringleader, and authorities said he recruited others to join his cause including a man who went to Pakistan in Oct. 2008, his name is Jude Kenan Mohammad from Raleigh.

In January 1999, Daniel Patrick Boyd was living on an old farm in Raleigh and working as a self-employed "metal framer" making about $30,000 a year when he filed bankruptcy proceedings. He reported assets of $17,350 and liabilities of nearly $47,000 — including an $8,000 debt to the Internal Revenue Service.

In July 2004, the Boyds formed Saxum Walls & Ceilings Inc., with Sabrina Boyd listed as the registered agent. Two years later, the family purchased a 1,772-square-foot home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Willow Spring, a rural community just south of Raleigh.

Sabrina Boyd, 41, did not respond to requests this week to speak with the AP. But she told The News & Observer of Raleigh that her men are "completely innocent." Wearing a garb that revealed only her hands and brown eyes, she said the family's trips to the Middle East were to give her sons exposure to Arabic culture.

Terror allegations against NC man shock neighbors RALEIGH, N.C. — The wife of a North Carolina man charged with plotting violent jihad says they are an “ordinary family” and care about other human beings. Sabrina Boyd said in a statement issued through the Muslim American Society in Raleigh that the charges against her husband, 39-year-old Daniel Patrick Boyd, have not been substantiated.

She asks that people not rush to judgment. Neighbors have said the Boyds showed no sign of violence and were often seen walking their dog around the lakeside cul-de-sac in a rural area south of Raleigh. If he's a terrorist, he's the nicest terrorist I ever met in my life. I don't think he is," said Charles Casale, 46, a neighbor in Willow Spring.

RALEIGH, N.C. — When someone in the Raleigh area needed a sheep or goat slaughtered according to Islamic law, Daniel Boyd was the man to see. "You find everything from halal meat and snacks to soft back prints of the Holy Quran in both English and Arabic," read a notice on the Web for Boyd's Blackstone Market in nearby Garner. There was even a place to worship in the back.

A federal indictment unsealed this week says Boyd, 39, is a radicalized Muslim convert who went by the nickname Saifullah "Sword of God" and was putting together a team of extremists to wage "violent jihad" overseas.

No one was aware of the Boyd Crew of would be terrorists, everything they were doing outwardly was legal, buying guns in North Carolina is no big deal, but the FBI and the CIA had an ace in the hole, Jude Kenan Mohammad, who they have been interogating in Pakistan since oct. 2008.

KHAR, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani intelligence agents re-arrested an American detained in the country's volatile Afghan border region and were questioning the man, police said in Oct 2008. The man — identified by police as Jude Kenan Mohammad — was carrying a laptop computer when he was arrested at a checkpoint in Shabqadar, in the Charsadda district of the Mohmand Agency in North Waziristan, near where Pakistani security forces have battled Islamic militants for two months.

District police chief Waqif Khan said the 20-year-old was released Tuesday but was picked up hours later at his home in the nearby city of Peshawar. "He is now in the custody of intelligence agencies, who are required to quiz him again for further satisfaction," Khan said. He has told us that he, Jude Kenan Mohammad, was a
student at a Community College in Florida and wanted to enter the tribal region to see a friend," Khan said.

Peshawar is the main city in the northwest and lies outside the tribal zone, where special permission is needed to visit. Khan said the man had dual American-Pakistani citizenship.

Jude Kenan Mohammad's uncle, Evan Risueno, said Kenan left for Pakistan on Oct. 3 from Raleigh, North Carolina, and planned to visit his father, who is Pakistani, and two sisters who live in Pakistan. Risueno said Jude Kenan Mohammad had not spoken with his mother, father or sisters since his arrest."He's been there in the past, without any problem. All of my sister's children have been there without any problem," Risueno told The Associated Press from his home in eastern North Carolina.

Risueno said his sister was first told about her son's arrest by a U.S. government official. "She was contacted by someone from the U.S. consulate in Pakistan," he said.Risueno said his sister declined to speak with the media Wednesday, having been on the phone most of the day with government officials. In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said U.S. officials had visited and spoken with the man.

Judge Nasrullah Khan granted Pakistan police two more days to question the 20-year-old American, who has been
identified as Jude Kenan Mohammad . Police had sought an extra week. Police had brought Jude Kenan Mohammad to the court in a town in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province in handcuffs. The bearded suspect was dressed in the long shirt and baggy trousers worn by many Pakistani men.

Police detained Jude Kenan Mohammad Monday at a checkpoint leading into Mohmand, a tribal region considered a haunt of al-Qaida and Taliban militants. Officials said he lacked the permission required for foreigners to enter the tribal belt. A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News that the name of the 20-year-old being held in Pakistan is Jude Kenan Mohammad, not Juddi Kenan, as previously reported.

Authorities said Kenan had a U.S. passport as well as a camera, laptop and a dagger. Kenan said he was in the region to meet “Habibullah,” the police official said. Habibullah is a proper name in Afghanistan and is the name of an Afghan detainee who died in U.S. custody in 2002. The name means “God’s beloved” or “God’s favorite” in Arabic.

Officials told FOX News that
Jude Kenan Mohammad is part of an ongoing FBI investigation, though he has yet to meet with anyone from the U.S. government, which hasn't been able to confirm any ties to terrorism.