Thursday, July 30, 2009

Disney warns LAPD about crazed Miley Cyrus stalker fan Mark Owen McLeod, 53, "Nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one."

Disney warns LAPD about crazed Miley Cyrus fan Mark Owen McLeod, 53, "Nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one."

A creepy fan was arrested for stalking Miley Cyrus and then let go because of jail overcrowding - despite telling Georgia cops the "Hannah Montana" star sends him "secret messages" through her TV show.

With Mark McLeod's whereabouts unknown, Disney bigwigs fear for the safety of their 16-year-old franchise darling. Studio execs are so concerned that McLeod could harm the starlet they alerted Los Angeles cops of his arrest and release in Georgia, reported.

Mark Owen Mcleod is 53, his DOB is 5/16/1956, he is 5'9" tall and 175 lbs, brown hair and eyes, he is driving a gray 1993 Buick Park Ave sedan with Georgia license plate AYU3373.

Following is the report of Georgia Ofc. Warren Millikan in the arrest of 53 year old stalker Mark Owen Mcleod and his "Miley Cyrus Rant", "Nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one."

"I approached SPO Valdes and Mark McLeod to determine if my assistance was needed. SPO Valdes informed Mark McLeod that he had received several complaints regarding McLeod approaching young females and making inappropriate comments to them. McLeod stated that he was talking to the minor females about Miley Cyrus. McLeod stated that he was "great friends with Miley." McLeod stated that Miley had "told me to come see her today."

SPO Valdes and I advised McLeod that he should stop making comments to minor females. McLeod was resistive to our instructions and stated that there was "nobody that could stop him from talking about Miley." McLeod stated that he was at the beach "to be with Miley."

"SPO Valdes and I instructed McLeod that he needed to leave the pier. McLeod stated, "I don`t have to do sxxt! Fxxk you and your rules! Miley told me to be here! I will fxxxing be with Miley!" There was a large crowd of people including families and children in the area when McLeod shouted this profanity. SPO Valdes and I attempted to take McLeod into custody for disorderly conduct.

McLeod attempted pull away from us. SPO Valdes and I were able to restrain him. SPO Valdes and I placed Mark McLeod in handcuffs and double locked the restraints. McLeod continued to resist and struggle against us as he was escorted to my patrol unit. McLeod attempted to head butt me as we were walking down the pier stairs. McLeod attempted to lock his legs to prevent us from moving him".

"McLeod stated that he mailed "special presents" to Cyrus. McLeod stated that he had mailed Cyrus two diamond rings valued at $2,000 and some "special private presents" that I would not understand. McLeod stated that Cyrus relayed requests for gifts to him thru her fan of the day posting on her web site. McLeod stated that a recent posting featured a fan in front of a sea wall. McLeod felt this posting was made by Cyrus to invite him to be with her at the beach.

Mark McLeod exhibited hostility when the topic of other males in Cyrus` life was mentioned. McLeod stated, "Miley is only with the Jonas brother for the press." McLeod stated that he had dreamed about a special stage for Cyrus, but the Jonas brothers had stolen his idea. McLeod said that this special stage would be circular so Miley could always see him. McLeod stated that he had been camping on Tybee for three or four days. He reported that he had observed Cyrus on her balcony. McLeod stated that Cyrus wanted him to be with her on the balcony.

McLeod stated that Cyrus would look at him when no one else could see it. McLeod stated that Cyrus was looking at him when he was on the pier". McLeod continued to request that I contact Cyrus. He insisted that she would tell me that he was "a good guy." McLeod stated that he was very close to Billy Ray, Noah, and Bridgett (or Brady). McLeod stated that he was not as close to Cyrus` mother Trish. McLeod stated that Trish was "linked to security".

McLeod stated that some members of Cyrus` security team "walked with the devil." McLeod stated that with the exception of Trish, the entire Cyrus family was very happy with his relationship with Miley. McLeod stated that the age difference was not important.

McLeod stated, "Nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one." McLeod stated that if I would just talk to Billy Ray everything would be cleared up. McLeod stated that he knew that soon we would be good friends and laugh about all of this. McLeod stated, "We`re going to be close buddies. I want you in the wedding. I know Miley will like you too, you have a good heart."

Bill Warner
private investigator