Wednesday, July 15, 2009

British National Front White Supremacist Planned Bombings of Muslims, "only good Paki is a dead Paki", Neil Lewington 'Unhealthy Interest' in Bombers

British National Front White Supremacist Planned Racist Bombings of Muslims, "the only good Paki is a dead Paki", Neil Lewington had 'Unhealthy Interest' in Bombers Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski.

Neil Lewington had developed a bomb factory in his bedroom at his parents' home and aimed to target "those he considered non-British", (Muslims). Lewington had two video compilations of footage about bombers and bombings.

Altman said: "In addition to his extreme views on race and ethnicity, the defendant had an unhealthy interest in bombers as well as bombings. Lewington was someone who had taken his interest and his practical skills far beyond the mere intellectual or academic levels."

The court was told Lewington left school at 16 without qualifications but had worked in a number of electronics jobs. He had been unemployed for 10 years after being sacked for being drunk.

He lived with his parents but had not spoken to his father for 10 years. His mother said he had placed Plasticine in the keyhole of his bedroom so no one could see inside.

Lewington had met women after talking on mobile phone chatlines. Altman said. One woman was put off by him when he said "the only good Paki is a dead Paki" and he would not hit a woman but would "make an exception for a Paki".

He said he was a member of the National Front and wanted the Ku Klux Klan brought back, it was alleged.

The British National Front (most commonly called the National Front, and often known as the NF) is a far-right and whites-only
British political party whose major political activities were during the 1970s and 1980s. It is widely considered a racist group, and the British prison service and police services forbid membership of the National Front (as well as the British National Party and Combat 18). The National Front claims that it is not a neo-Nazi party, as it is considered to be by some people, and that it is a democratic political movement.

Another woman said he bought a child's chemistry set from Toys R Us and told her he could make explosives using it and household items, said Altman. "He said he had made tennis ball bombs and taken them to the woods to explode them. Lewington was found in possession of three tennis balls and a diagram showing how to convert them into shrapnel bombs."

Another girlfriend said he spoke of making bombs and asked at which house in her street an Asian family (Muslim) lived."He explained how he could throw a tennis ball bomb or place it somewhere and then run away," Altman said.

Neil Lewington extreme radical wiew on Muslims, and plotting to blow them up, is inspired by bigoted politicians such as Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

TELEGRAPH UK....To many abroad Geert Wilders, a Dutch MP, appears an old-fashioned racist whose views put him on a par with other far-Right politicians elsewhere in Europe, He is still angered at being banned from entering Britain.
Yet in its first ever test of national electoral support among the normally tolerant Dutch, his anti-immigration Party for Freedom which he founded in 2006 won 17 per cent of the votes – making it the second biggest party. That has shaken the country to its core – opening up the real possibility that, through the Dutch coalition system, Mr. Wilders could win power at the next general election.

Sitting in his office in the Dutch parliament building in The Hague, protected from the threat of assassination by 10 armed secret service bodyguards, he summed up his antipathy to the religion of many immigrants to the Netherlands.

"Islam wants to dominate our society," he said in fluent and only slightly accented English. "It's in opposition to freedom. "If people are offended, that's not my aim. I don't talk about Muslims but about Islam. Everything I say is against the fascist Islamic ideology."

To the charge that to many his views appeared to be racist, he responded: "If that was true, we would never have been the second biggest party in the European elections."

bill Warner
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