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The Story No-one’s Talking About: Another Arab Muslim “Student” Tries to Bring a Knife on a Plane, story broke by private investigator Bill Warner.

The Story No-one’s Talking About: Another Arab Muslim “Student” Tries to Bring a Knife on a Plane in Tampa, story broke wide open by private investigator Bill Warner.

Federal Officals, FBI Agents and ICE Agents delayed releasing information to the local newspapers on the Tampa story untill June 16th 2009 about Muslim Raed Abdul-Rahman Alsaif with a 7 inch knife trying to get on a US Airways plane to Phoenix AZ on June 4th 2009 because on the same day, June 4th 2009, two men in Philadelphia had breached security and one of them was onboard a US Airways Flight to Phoenix AZ with a 9mm handgun, same day, same destination, same airline, same time.

Debbie Schlussel
A few years ago, the incident involving Raed Abdul-Rahman Alsaif would have been a big national news story. Perhaps, international.

But now, in the era of Obama “post-terrorism,” we’re supposed to pretend that these things–these attempts by Muslims to bring weapons on planes for the apparent purpose of hijacking and, at the very least, testing the system–don’t happen. Yup, in this new “enlightened” age, these things are only reported once on the pages of the
Tampa Tribune.

And not in any other mainstream media sources outside South Florida. Yes, a Muslim man trying to get a seven-inch butcher knife on a plane in America is no longer “noteworthy.”

Federal authorities have charged a 24-year-old man with trying to bring a seven-inch knife aboard a plane at Tampa International Airport.

Raed Abduhl-Rahman Alsaif was arrested June 4 as he tried to board US Airways flight 1077 to Phoenix and Portland, Ore., according to a criminal complaint.
During the screening process, an officer spotted a large chef’s knife in one of Alsaif’s bags, the complaint states. The knife was concealed between the outside fabric and the expandable pull handles of the bag.

Read the
federal criminal complaint against Alsaif.

According to private investigator Bill Warner (who has done a ton of digging into this guy), Alsaif is a Saudi Arabian national, here on a student visa–you know, one of those wonderful Saudi student visas that President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah doubled to 30,000, in the interest of “open exchange” and “understanding.”

Bill reports that Alsaif has two previous instances on his criminal record:
Raed Abduhl-Rahman Al-Saif is a student at the University of Tampa and has been arrested at least twice before in the last 8 months on Felony drug charges in Hillsborough County.

And, of course, as many Muslims and Arabs do, the guy spelled his name differently in those instances, as “Raed Abdurahmans Alsaif” and “Raed Abdulrahman Alsaif.”

Hmmm . . . three arrests, and this guy is still here? Where is ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? Oh, yeah, they can’t do their jobs, or else

Janet Napolitano a/k/a “The Lesbionic Woman” will investigate them for doing it.

And Bill notes that Alsaif is a graduate of the Islamic Saudi Academy Alexandria, VA–an extremist school linked to Al-Qaeda and that the Alsaif family is prominent in Al-Qaeda.

Let’s hear it for those Saudi Muslim student visas!

**** UPDATE: Bill Warner also points out that on the very same day (June 4, 2009) that Alsaif tried to sneak the butcher knife onto the U.S. Airways flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona, two other men,

Roshid Milledge and Damien Young, were caught trying to do the same thing from Philadelphia–also on a U.S. Airwarys flight bound for Phoenix, Arizona. Both flights were scheduled to take off within 35 minutes of each other.

Coincidence? Or mass hijacking plan a la 9/11?
Don’t bet against the latter.

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