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SEX DECOY LOVE STINGS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS FOX REALITY SHOW, TRAILER TRASH WITH A BADGE. SHAMELESSLY LOWBROW GUIDE TO SUMMER TV - New York Post - June 2009 ... 'Sex Decoy: Love Stings': His cheatin' heart. ... She recruits her three daughters into her private investigation business which specializes ......NY Post reveiw.

UPDATE Canceled/Ended shows from Fox Reality Sex Decoy: Love Stings CANCELED JULY 4TH, 2009......May 23, 2009 – Jul 04, 2009 Reality Canceled/Ended
FOX REALITY TV…We are excited to tell you about our new eight-episode television reality series set to air on the Fox Reality Channel, beginning May 23rd, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. PST and 10:00 P.M. EST and on every Saturday thereafter. The name of the show is, ” Sex Decoy Love Stings” and the show is based on Sandra Hope’s real life as a private investigator who specializes in matters of infidelity. Sex Decoy: Love Stings is set inside the private life and professional world of Sandra Hope and “Mate Check Private Investigations”.

Each episode chronicles specific cases in which a spouse or significant other hires Sandra and her team of decoys to “tempt” their potentially wayward lover and expose infidelity. The show also follows the ups and downs of Sandra’’s dysfunctional family, including her daughters, who work for her as decoys. “Sex Decoy: Love Stings cameras roll nonstop as the love sting operation is planned, executed and revealed to the client”.

The content of the “Sex Decoy Love Stings reality show” is pure trailer trash with a badge, exaggerated situations, set up “stings” with so-called private investigators entrapping their clients boyfriends with 2 of the 3 stripper daughters (Jasmine, Xanadu or Kashmir) of the
madam PI boss Sandra Hope, absolutely unbelievable. See NY Post reveiw and pic, This is a family business,” says Sandra on the first episode.” Oh, and did we mention that two of the three daughters are strippers?

No attorney would ever get involved with a pending divorce and/or child custody case and use such “evidence’ as collected by
madam PI boss Sandra Hope, it would never be used in any court of law in any of the 50 USA States.
THE REFLECTOR….Reality TV preview: Welcome to the Summer of Suck, No. 1 in this category, “Sex Decoy: Love Stings (Fox) – Sandra and her team of dedicated private investigators attempt to help troubled spouses by planting sexual decoys and temptations to expose their significant other’s infidelity. If I were being cheated on, I would definitely want all of North America to see this as well”. Here’s the show’s website featuring a home cheating test kit and tips on how to tell if your lover is cheating and also how to avoid getting caught.

May 20th, 2009 By Jeremy Nolais Category: Arts …."As the year in television officially comes to a close this week, we take a look at 10 cream of the crap “reality TV” shows prepared to invade your screens in the coming months. It seems each year the networks try to outdo themselves with the garbage they approve to fill time until the fall season premieres. Do yourself a favour and get outside, there’s nothing to see here".

Back in November 2008 a TV producer in Los Angeles CA called me, Bill Warner, and said she was interested in doing a “reality show” about private investigators, her name is Anna Wenger. At the time I told her that I did not see how you could do a reality show about private investigators since all the clients (of any private investigator) do not want to be identified and I never pursued the PI reality show with her, now you see what you get with SEX DECOY LOVE STINGS PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, 
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