Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Diego Iranian used car dealer Yousef Hoodneh arrested, he understated corporate income by $6.5 million was cash sent out of USA ?

San Diego Iranian used car dealer Yousef Hoodneh arrested, he understated corporate income by $6.5 million was cash sent out of USA ?

JUNE 2009...A San Diego Iranian used car dealer already facing charges that he falsified tax returns for his business pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he understated his dealership's income by nearly $6.5 million.

Yousef Hoodneh, 60, was ordered held on $1.5 million bail. The defendant is charged with six counts of state income tax fraud and "great-taking" allegations, said Deputy District Attorney Eric Ludwig. Hoodneh's tax liability is $1.5 million in that case, the prosecutor said.

The defendant's pending case, in which he faces 14 counts of filing fraudulent state tax returns and aiding in the filing of false returns is scheduled for trial on July 20. Tax liability in that case is set at $1.3 million, Ludwig said. Yousef Hoodneh, 60, is a corporate officer of Flamingo Motors Inc. in Mira Mesa.

Authorities believe he is also connected to Flamingo Car Group Inc. and Flamingo Automotive Inc., both of which are in Hoodneh's Iranian relatives' names.

IrooziPages - Helping people find Iranian businesses and services, Flamingo Car Group Inc 9799 Miramar Rd. San Diego, California 92103 United States Work 858 577 2000 is listed in California Corp records as owned by Iran Hoodneh the wife of Yousef Hoodneh.

MUSLIM USED CAR DEALERS; "While law enforcement officals have noted the sale of stolen vehicles by organized crime groups for the purpose of financing terrorist organizations, it is important to note that seemingly legitimate auto dealers have been involved in laundering large amounts of cash through the sale of automobiles" ! Quote, Steve Emerson before a US Senate Hearing on Terrorist Money Laundering.

Hoodneh is listed as the corporate officer of the Flamingo Car Group Inc. and Flamingo Automotive Inc. at 9485 Black Mountain Road, according to the state Franchise Tax Board. Flamingo Car Group was ranked No. 14 by the CALIFORNIA Board of Equalization on its list of largest sales tax and use tax delinquencies, $2,449,784.40. He also is scheduled to go to trial July 20th in a separate case in which he faces felony charges including filing fraudulent state sales tax returns, so where is all this cash ????

Largest Sales and Use Tax Delinquencies in California
9799 MIRAMAR RD SAN DIEGO, CA 92126-4528
08/01/2008.....$ 2,449,784.40

FTB agents allege that Hoodneh understated 2003 and 2004 corporate income by $6.5 million and failed to file a 2005 return reflecting $74,000 in income. The defendant faces a maximum of 13 years in prison on each case if convicted, according to Ludwig.

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